Sound and Music

Ableton Live logo
Ableton Live

Live is one our sound engineering programs. It includes several instruments, robust MIDI support, and a variety of audio effects that you can apply with one click.

Adobe Audition logo
Adobe Audition

Audition is our recommended all-purpose tool for audio editing. It has professional audio filters, advanced multi-track support, and remastering tools, all within an intuitive interface that can communicate with other Adobe programs.

Finale logo

We use Finale primarily for notation (i.e. writing and preparing scores). The program also supports MIDI input via our in-lab MIDI keyboards and audio output via Garritan, Native Instruments, and Miroslav Philharmonik, though more advanced audio production should be done in a professional sequencer such as Logic Pro (below).

Logic Pro X logo
Logic Pro X

Logic Pro is our recommended music sequencer. It supports audio and MIDI recording, sequencing, and looping. The program also has a "movie" view mode, in which you can create your audio alongside an integrated video player (ideal for film scoring).

Max/MSP logo

Max is an object-oriented audio creation program, which allows you to create configurable sound "programs" rather than relying on static sound samples. You can also use Max with our in-lab MIDI keyboards, and can engineer your sound patches alongside an integrated video player.

East West logo
EastWest ComposerCloud

This collection of virtual instruments has been recorded with a craftsmanship that has garnered over 100 international awards. You can use this library—featuring strings, brass, winds, and orchestral percussion—in any of our sequencers or notation programs.