Help and Training


Use this form to reserve equipment and schedule a pickup. You can also request training for specific equipment here. Reservations for Level II and III equipment require approval and must be made on weekdays, at least 24 hours in advance of your pickup.

Use this form if you are unsure about how best to proceed on a project, if you would like general media production advice or training, or if you would like to request a workshop or group training session.

Renewals are always subject to the lab manager's approval, based on the current availability of our inventory.

We recommend requesting storage on our network share for projects that will involve repeated visits to the lab.

A soundproof space for music production or voice-over recording, outfitted with professional audio gear.

A studio space with controllable lighting and backdrop curtains (chroma green and black velour). Use this form to book the space and request setups of specific equipment.

If you have dropped off media with our staff for processing, please complete this form so that we can convert and output it to your desired format.


We periodically hold events and workshops that you can sign up to attend using the calendar below. If you are unable to attend a scheduled workshop, you can always request help by appointment using one of the forms above.