Class Correspondent

It is, as always, good to hear from you. Though the response, inevitably, grows smaller over the passing years, still we see that even into our 80s our ties to Brandeis and our class have remained important — perhaps even a bit more so as our memories increasingly become part of our daily thoughts. We are always heartened by news that tells us where you are now and what you are doing. As for me, though I have to write this with a minor disability — a broken shoulder acquired on a treadmill — I count my blessings. Next issue, I will have two hands to type with, so you can send me longer entries!

Herb Gross founded and chaired the math department at New York’s Corning Community College before leaving in 1968 for MIT, where he produced the “Calculus Revisited” video series (viewed more than a million times since it was uploaded to MIT OpenCourseWare in 2011). After the series was completed in 1973, Herb became founding chair of the math department at Bunker Hill Community College, in Boston. He remained there until his retirement in 2003. Lois Robblee is still living at Brooksby Village, a retirement community in Peabody, Massachusetts. She writes, “My six kids are all doing well: a daughter on the Big Island of Hawaii, whom I am fortunate to visit every other year or so; two sons in Virginia and North Carolina, who draw me to the mid-Atlantic states; and three kids in Massachusetts — a daughter in Stoneham, a son in Palmer and a son in Chelmsford — all of whom I see more often. I have four grandchildren, two boys and two girls, who are busy and doing well.” Lois has a part-time job editing manuscripts submitted by South Korean scientists for publication in journals. Bill and Ita (Keller) Wiener ’54, G’14, live in Brookline, Massachusetts, with their son as well as “two wonderful Singapura cats and a deaf three-legged Cavalier King Charles.” They also have a carriage house where their daughter and her family live. Bill works part time as a neurological consultant and Tufts Medical School teacher. He writes, “I wish my back and balance were better but otherwise am still healthy. I am blessed to be with Ita, whom I decided to marry the first day we met in German class at Brandeis.” Ita writes, “I enjoyed a career in social work and equally enjoyed retiring from it. My greatest achievement is raising five children who are all good people who love and support one another.”

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