Class Correspondent

Timothy Elliot reports that his daughter Farar found a photo of him with his undefeated “GE College Bowl” teammates, including captain Simon Sargon ’59, in the Brandeis Archives. “GE College Bowl” was a TV quiz show; Brandeis defeated Mount Holyoke in the last episode of the 1958-59 season. Timothy and his wife, Page, have settled into a retirement place in Alexandria, Virginia. Susan Handloff and her husband, Bert Halberstadt, were honored by Har Mishpacha, a Jewish congregation in Steamboat Springs, Colorado, for many years of dedicated service. To celebrate the occasion, the congregation established the Handloff/Halberstadt Educational Fund to help children further their Jewish education through study in Israel. In addition, a local artist designed a Torah and bima cover, made in Israel and dedicated in their honor. Lew Lorton has retired to become the full-time caregiver for his wife of 34 years. He writes, “While this has been a very, very difficult transition, it has proven to be rather rewarding in a way that can’t be expressed in just a few words.” During his career, Lew was a dentist, a research scientist, a U.S. Army colonel, a CIO, a consulting-company VP, an executive director of a health-care consortium, the chair of his own small internet company and a photographer. After 55 years of living in Manhattan, where he worked at Chappell Music Publishers for 17 years and then as a professional photographer specializing in theater and travel images, Lee Snider purchased a home in Pittsboro, North Carolina. He moved there in October. He continues to run his photography business with his partner, Xu Lei.
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