Class Correspondent

5th Reunion
June 9-11

Kate Alexander is director of policy and outreach at Peace Action New York State. Jesse Appell lives in Beijing, where he founded the U.S.-China Comedy Center, Beijing’s first dedicated Western-comedy venue. He performs Chinese stand-up and improv comedy in China and anywhere else someone can reimburse his airfare. Erica Lubitz, of San Francisco, works as a sales engineer at Box. She volunteers at ECS of San Francisco, which helps homeless and low-income residents obtain housing, jobs and essential services. Nathan Mizrachi took a break from traveling around Europe and currently resides in Portland, Oregon. He still has the travel bug, so he launched to help people find cheap flights to his beloved Florence, Italy, and other cities in Europe. Ari Salinger, MS’12, married Ali Berger. They now tolerate celery and are moving back to Boston this summer.

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