Class Correspondent

Diane Ferber, who lives in Stamford, Connecticut, is executive director of the Collaborative Center for Learning and Development at Greenwich Education Group, a cross-disciplinary practice that works with children with learning differences. “I’m in close touch with many Brandeis friends,” she writes, “and we are comparing notes as our youngest kids reach college age and the world changes yet again.” Michael Lyon co-founded the education and entertainment firm that produced Xtronaut: The Game of Solar System Exploration, which won a Best Board Game award from Good Housekeeping. Michael and his 11-year-old son, Joshua, rode their tandem bike from Munich to Venice last summer. David Weinstein was named a director at Seadrill, a leading offshore-drilling contractor. He is chair of the Oneida Group and deputy chair of TORM.

Photo of four alumnae

DESERT REUNION: Former Brandeis Mod 15-mates Hallie Shapiro Clemm ’81, Anat Frumkin Napp ’81, Rachel Bijou ’81 and Elizabeth Taub Breslow ’82 joined forces in Palm Springs, California, to celebrate the 30-year wedding anniversaries of Hallie, Anat and Elizabeth, and more years of friendship than they can count.

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