Class Correspondent

25th Reunion
June 9-11

The Brandeis motto — “Truth, even unto its innermost parts” — has been in my mind quite a lot these days. Our country has experienced a transition of power that has stirred up an intense, important set of emotions, actions and affirmations of individual values and priorities. The Brandeis founders wisely chose a statement that speaks to the heart of issues that remain at the core of civic engagement, such as social justice and inclusivity. There is power in truth, no matter how hard it is to fight for or find. I hope many of you will be able to attend our upcoming 25th Reunion. The planning committee is organizing activities we can all share and celebrate. On a personal note, I was honored to be recognized as the Higher-Education Art Educator of the Year by the Massachusetts Art Education Association. I am a member of the Belmont School Committee and a professor of early childhood education at Lesley University, in Cambridge, Massachusetts, where I have taught since 2002.

In March, Derek Cohen and his son, Adrian, released an album of alt-pop/piano-rock originals, “This Is School.” Derek wrote the lyrics; Adrian composed the music. Rachel (Stern) Davis is director of production at Carnegie Hall, in Manhattan. She is responsible for backstage operations at the facility’s three performance venues. Rachel lives in Mount Vernon, New York, with her husband, Derek, and her twin 14-year-old daughters, Abigail and Grace. Their b’not mitzvah, on May 16, 2015, was attended by many Brandeisians, including Steve Fassler ’91, Anne Skopp Fassler, Diane Berman ’91, Debbie Geller, Matt Askin, Miriam Linver and Vanessa (Stark) Waye. Sherri Geller, co-director of college counseling at Gann Academy, is president of the New England Association for College Admission Counseling. She has been elected to serve as the Affiliate Presidents Council coordinator at the National Association for College Admission Counseling. Craig Rubinstein, a partner at Katzman Wasserman Bennardini & Rubinstein in Florida, was named to the American Law Society. His practice focuses on complex commercial litigation, including legal and accounting malpractice, and litigation related to securities, real estate, corporations, partnerships and probate. In March, Ellen (Rappaport) Tanowitz celebrated the 15-year anniversary of her law practice in Newton, Massachusetts. On July 1, she will assume the duties of president at her synagogue. She has three children.

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