Class Correspondent

Ed David and his wife, Susan, live in Jacksonville, Florida, during the winter. In the warmer months, they live in Rockport, Maine. Before they retired, Ed was assistant superintendent for business in a New York public-school district, and Susan was a high-school principal. They enjoy cooking, bridge, reading, bike riding, baking, traveling, attending lectures, taking classes, volunteering at a children’s hospital, and family. Ed also plays tennis three times a week. Their grandsons, Simon and Oren, live in New York and Seattle. Rabbi Jeff Foust received the Dr. Earl L. Avery MLK Leadership Award at Bentley University’s annual Martin Luther King Jr. Breakfast. The award recognized Jeff’s work to promote interfaith understanding and respect for the equal rights of people of all backgrounds. He is the school’s Jewish chaplain/adviser and part of the interfaith Spiritual Life Center. Sylvia Malm retired from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency after nearly 32 years of service, primarily in protecting drinking-water sources. She is becoming an informal expert on Lyme and Bartonella diseases and their impact on the brain as she manages care for a family member. She’s still in the D.C. area and welcomes visitors who might be interested in the new National Museum of African-American History and Culture. Sara Yoheved Rigler reports that her sixth book, “Emunah With Love and Chicken Soup: The Story of Rebbetzin Henny Machlis, the Brooklyn-Born Girl Who Became a Jerusalem Legend,” which was published in November, has already sold more than 10,000 copies.
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