DEI Initiatives 2021-2022


In 2020-2021, the Math Department established an anti-racism plan, and consulted with various student representatives about possible initiatives that would be beneficial to math students.

In 2021-2022 the Math Department implemented several initiatives:

Math Mentoring Program. The Mathematics Mentoring Program aims at helping students successfully navigate the undergraduate program in Mathematics at Brandeis, and make it as inclusive as possible. This mentoring consists of weekly meetings between a mentee and a more experienced undergraduate student serving as their mentor. The mentoring, done by undergraduate students and for undergraduate students, serves several purposes for the mentees: getting to discuss the math curriculum, learning strategies, and long term goals, as well as getting to meet some of their peers, and developing a lasting support network.  Started in Spring 2022.

DEI committee + website: The math department has created a standing DEI committee, whose role will be to encourage and supervise actions from the department in the domains of inclusion, equity and outreach. This committee also helps improve communication between faculty and students (both directions). A section of the Math Department website records these actions. Started in Fall 2021.

Orientation Meetings and other events:  The Math department is organizing orientation meetings for undergraduate students every semester and office hours for orientation and curriculum advice every week. Started Summer 2021.

The Math Department is also dedicating one room for undergraduate gathering (Community Room, Goldsmith 200). Started Spring 2021.

Lastly, in collaboration with math UDRs the math department has organized some social and alumni events.

Textbook buying initiative: The Math department is buying 2 copies of every math textbook required in math classes to be left in the Math Community Room for free consultation (the math textbooks cost was identified as one of the barriers of entry to the math major). Started Spring 2022.

Additional actions: 

  • Do an annual survey of undergraduate students and graduate students in mathematics to learn more about their experiences, with an eye toward identifying and better understanding areas where we need to improve. (Starting 2022)
  • Created a list of outreach opportunities for students and faculty in mathematics. This list with contact information and website is meant to facilitate and encourage outreach actions at all levels. (Spring 2022).

  • Some math faculty will be participating in the Brandeis Posse Program (Summer 2022 workshop).
  • Offer a new entry level class which serves as an invitation to mathematics for undergraduate students with limited prior exposure to mathematics (Math 9A: the science in science fiction – taught in Spring 2022 - proposed and designed by PhD student Gess Iraji).