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Animal Care and Use Program

To keep our research secure, access to the ACUP website must be pre-authorized. Only those with a valid Brandeis UNet ID are eligible.

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To gain access to the ACUP website, email with the following information:

  1. Name
  2. Brandeis email address
  3. Lab Affiliation
  4. Position in lab (i.e. grad student, undergrad, post doc, etc.)

You will receive an instructional email from the IACUC office within one to two business days as confirmation of your access.

Research Compliance

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The Office of Research Administration is also responsible for the operation of three committees charged with ensuring that research conducted at Brandeis follows the guidelines and regulations set forth by the federal, state and local governments and other funding agencies for the protection of human subjects, the ethical use of animals and the safe conduct of research involving infectious agents, select agents and recombinant DNA technology.

Similarly, the office oversees a program that provides information to Brandeis investigators whose research involves controlled substances, to help them follow university policies and Federal, state and local laws and regulations.