Courtesy Appointments

Courtesy appointees are members of the Brandeis community who are not paid, but who require a formal affiliation with Brandeis for an academic purpose such as research, special academic use of the Brandeis facilities or other special arrangements.

They must have a Brandeis faculty sponsor who is responsible for supervising the appointee.

Appointments are usually given for one year, though appointees may be reappointed annually as necessary. 

Types of Courtesy Appointments

There are three titles for courtesy appointees:

Visiting Research Scholar

An individual doing postbaccalaureate or post-master’s research in any field, or while pursuing a PhD degree.

Visiting Research Scientist

A PhD, usually in the sciences, or a person highly skilled with years of experience within a field of study.

Visiting Student Researcher

A high school student or undergraduate student performing research under supervision.

All courtesy appointments are academic appointments and must be initiated in Workday by the department sponsoring the appointment. Please use the "Add Courtesy Appointment" Workday job aid for step-by-step directions on this business process.