Public transportation is one of the most efficient methods of getting to and from Brandeis as well as any other places around the area. Below are a few of the most common modes of transport used by Brandeisians.


Buses provide service to virtually all points in the metropolitan Boston area. The number 553 bus runs by Brandeis, goes through the center of Waltham and into Newton. It is a great alternative to driving through Waltham.

From Main Street, at the end of South Street near Walgreens, or at the Cedarwood stop, located at the back end of campus, one can catch the numbers 70 and 70A buses that go to Central Square in Cambridge by way of Watertown. This bus passes the Watertown Mall and the Arsenal Mall.

bus timings and stops

Commuter Rail

The commuter rail train is a great way to get to Boston and Cambridge. Schedules vary for the commuter rail on weekends and holidays, so be sure to have a current schedule with you. The train stops at the Brandeis-Roberts station at the south edge of campus, along South Street and across from the Epstein Building.

The train goes east to Waltham, Belmont, Cambridge and North Station in Boston. In Cambridge, the train stops at the Porter Square station, where connections can be made to the Red Line of Boston's T subway system. In Boston, the train stops at North Station, where you can get on both the Green and Orange lines of the T. These have connections to all other lines of the subway system.

If you are traveling during the day, buy your tickets in advance from Affordable Dry Cleaners, 572 South St. A ticket to Porter Square in Cambridge or North Station costs $4.75 one-way. You may also buy tickets via the MBTA app on your smart phone or on the train from a conductor. Frequent commuters should consider buying a commuter rail monthly pass (discounted monthly passes) are available via the Office of Human Resources).

Remember that the commuter rail, along with the other transportation options provided, does not run through the night. In most cases, service stops soon after midnight.


The MBTA subway system, known as the T, consists of five transit lines — Red, Green, Orange, Blue and Silver, all of which intersect in downtown Boston. If you buy a plastic "Charlie Card," the basic fare is $1.70, which you buy before boarding the T and, in most cases, allows you to travel as far as you want and change between lines at no extra cost. Monthly passes for the T and local buses can also be purchased, and may result in substantial savings.

The closest T stops to Brandeis are Porter Square (on the Red Line, which connects to the commuter rail), and Riverside (on the Green Line). It is about an $8 cab ride from there to campus).

Van and Shuttle Service

The Department of Public Safety provides free shuttle services into the Waltham and Boston/Cambridge areas throughout the academic year.


Brandeis partners with the popular car-sharing service Zipcar for the convenience of the university community. Cars are located in the Stoneman building parking lot. University faculty, staff and students 18 and older may apply for and purchase a membership at the Zipcar website.