Department of Philosophy

The BA/MA Program

This combined degree program is for Philosophy majors who wish to continue learning from the world's leading scholars.

After completing the Bachelor of Arts in four years and attaining a strong foundation, you'll pursue your studies for one more year. Your program will culminate in a master's paper which can serve as a writing sample for your application to doctoral programs.

In addition to deepening your critical study of philosophy you will hone the skills necessary for the pursuit of a Ph.D. You will also be well prepared for a wide range of careers including ethical robotics, biomedical ethics, the arts, business, law, medicine – basically any field in which you can apply critical thought.

Requirements for the BA/MA Program

The BA/MA program combines the coursework for the major in philosophy with the coursework for the MA in philosophy within the span of a five-year residency. Brandeis undergraduates who are Philosophy majors and who have taken at least four courses in the department by their junior year, are invited to apply for admission to the five-year BA/MA program. Students who are accepted into the program can start enrolling in graduate level seminars in their fourth year.

Please get in touch with the Director of Graduate Studies or the Undergraduate Advising Head if you wish to discuss this program further.

Program of Study

18 total courses (72 credits) are required:

  1. At least 12 must be taught by members of the Philosophy department faculty.
  2. At least 13 must be upper-level courses
  3. At least one course in logic (PHIL 6a or PHIL 106b)
  4. Distribution requirements for the BA should be fulfilled by the end of the 4th year
  5. One course in moral, social, political philosophy
  6. Two metaphysics and epistemology courses
  7. One course in the history of philosophy
  8. Graduate Proseminar in the fifth year.
  9. PHIL 299 -- the MA paper

Students would still be able to complete an honors thesis in their senior year for Latin honors.

Students must earn a B+ or higher in any course counting towards the MA in philosophy.

Resident Requirement:

One year of full-time residence (the fifth year) is required subsequent to completing the BA.

No Language Requirement

To Apply

Applications require:

  1. Personal statement
  2. Resume/CV
  3. Writing sample (10-15 pages)
  4. Two letters of recommendation