PhD Placements

The MA program in philosophy has a strong record of placing its graduates into some of the best PhD programs in the country, including Princeton, New York University and the University of Pennsylvania. Some MA graduates choose to pursue advanced degrees in other fields, such as law, medicine or the sciences, while others transition directly into careers.

The following table shows the schools at which Brandeis philosophy students enrolled, by the academic year they applied:

Year Applied School Enrolled At
2022-2023 Harvard, UC Berkeley
2021-2022 Brown University, Temple University
2020-2021 CUNY Grad Center; UNC-Chapel Hill; University of Texas, Austin; St. Andrews (MSc Program in Psychology)
2019-2020 UNC-Chapel Hill, SUNY Binghamton (PhD English), University of Wisconsin, Madison; University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign; University of California San Diego; University of Illinois, Chicago; Boston University, Ohio State University, and Indiana University, Bloomington; NYU Law; Ohio State Law: Rutgers Law School
2018-2019 UC Berkeley (Rhetoric Program), University of Edinburgh, Stanford University, University of Maryland, University of Virginia, UMASS Amherst, UC Riverside, University of Wisconsin-Madison, Harvard Divinity (MA program)
2017-2018 UC Berkeley, University of Toronto, UC Irvine, Indiana University, Syracuse University, University of Chicago
2016-2017 Balliol College-Oxford, CUNY, Baylor University, University of Connecticut, University of Arizona, University of Pittsburgh
2015-2016 University of Arizona, Princeton University, UC Santa Barbara, University of St. Andrews, University of Texas
2014-2015 University of Virginia, UC Santa Barbara, New York University, University of Miami, UMass Amherst, UC San Diego, University of Pennsylvania
2013-2014 UNC Chapel Hill, UCLA (PhD in Political Theory), Washington University in St. Louis (PNP program), UC Riverside
2012-2013 CUNY, Cornell, UC Santa Barbara, UC San Diego, University of Illinois, University of Notre Dame, University of Michigan, University of Colorado
2011-2012 UNC Chapel Hill, Tulane University (2), University of Oxford, Syracuse University, MIT, UC Berkeley, Georgetown University (2)
2010-2011 UNC Chapel Hill, UCLA, Northwestern University, SIU Carbondale, University of Arizona, Indiana University, University of Georgia, University of British Columbia, Central European University