Department of Philosophy

2024 Master's Cohort

The following students entered the master's in philosophy program in fall 2024:
shuo bing
Shuo Bing
Master's Student, 2024 Cohort

Bing Shuo graduated from Wuhan University with a BA in Philosophy. He is primarily interested in some topics in philosophy of language, metaphysics and philosophy of science. Outside of philosophy, he likes to take photographs and surf the internet.

antares brown
Antares Brown
Master's Student, 2024 Cohort

Antares holds a BA in Philosophy from Weber State University in Ogden, Utah, and is thrilled to join the Brandeis community in pursuit of their Master's. Their research interests center on the philosophy of disability and the areas that touch it: most notably, metaphysics, philosophy of mind, and applied ethics. As a disabled scholar themself, they are passionate about furthering philosophical thought and knowledge in the area and giving back to their community. In their spare time, Antares enjoys cooking, creative writing, and spending time outdoors, and on weekends, they can usually be found relaxing with a video game.

aengus church
Aengus Church
Master's Student, 2024 Cohort

Aengus received his BA in philosophy with honors at University of California, Berkeley. What research interests him the most is philosophy of mind, including philosophical zombies, the hard problem of consciousness, subjective idealism, panpsychism, philosophy of self, and monism. When not doing philosophy he enjoys meditating, strength training, running, hanging out with friends, and exploring the world.

andie cook
Andie Cook
Master's Student, 2024 Cohort

I graduated from Colgate University in 2023 with a BA in philosophy, and I've been teaching math at a middle school in Boston for the past year. I'm really excited to be starting the MA in philosophy at Brandeis this Fall. Within philosophy, I'm most intrigued by questions within the realms of phenomenology, metaphysics, and the mind. Outside of philosophy, I love nature, walking around Boston, and movies.

qiyuan feng
Qiyuan Feng
Master's Student, 2024 Cohort

Qiyuan Feng graduated from Brandeis University with a BA in Philosophy and Mathematics. His main interest lies in philosophy of language, philosophy of science and at any intersection between artificial intelligence and philosophy. He enjoys combative sports, literature and is a traceur-wanna-be.

thomas fleming
Thomas Fleming
Master's Student, 2024 Cohort

I graduated from the University of New Hampshire with a BA in philosophy. My primary philosophical passions include metaphysics and epistemology, with a focus on philosophy of mind and theories of epistemic justification. I also have an ancillary fascination with the ideas of American pragmatism, phenomenology, and mysticism - though, I do take a broad interest in a variety of other subjects and am always eager to expand my philosophical horizons. Aside from philosophy, I enjoy listening to and playing music.

sunghoon jang

I hold a BA in Economics and International Relations and a JD from Seoul National University. After completing my degrees, I served as a judge advocate in the South Korean Army for three years. My research interests are in ethics and philosophy of law, particularly topics related to the consequentialist tradition. Outside of philosophy, I enjoy jogging, watching soccer, and spending time with friends.

Joseph Jin
Cheng "Joseph" Jin
Master's Student, 2024 Cohort

I graduated from Swarthmore College with a BA in Philosophy and a minor in German Studies. My research focuses on philosophy of language, theory of reference and testimony in particular, and late Wittgenstein. I'm interested in 20th century philosophy, ancient philosophy, and philosophy of film. I also do translation of philosophical texts as a part of my scholarly pursuit. Aside from philosophy, I play guitar/bass guitar, write songs, play Shogi, and practice Chinese calligraphy.

suzanne knop
Suzanne Knop
Master's Student, 2024 Cohort

I graduated from the University of Pennsylvania with a BSE in Computer Science and minor in English. I'm interested in metaphysics and 19th and 20th century philosophy, particularly the German tradition. Outside of philosophy, I like watching movies, painting / experimenting with visual art forms, and reading fiction.

jacob lichty
Jacob Lichty
Master's Student, 2024 Cohort

Jacob graduated from Fort Lewis College with a BA in Philosophy and a minor in Mathematics. His philosophical interests include: value theory, philosophy of language, philosophy of math, epistemology, philosophy of science, and just about anything related to logic. In addition to his academic pursuits, he enjoys rollerblading, culinary experimentation, exploration via bicycle, and trail running.

yunong niu
Yunong Niu
Master's Student, 2024 Cohort

I graduated from Beijing Normal University with a BA in Philosophy. My philosophical interests mainly focus on contemporary social and political philosophy, especially egalitarianism, the debate between ideal and non-ideal theories, and feminist philosophy. I'm looking for friends who can play baseball with me in Boston.

dustin peng
Dustin Peng
Master's Student, 2024 Cohort

Dustin graduated from Leiden University with a BA in Comparative Philosophy, and prior to that, he was an undergrad at the University of Pittsburgh. His philosophical interests are diverse, but he is currently focused on philosophy of mind, metaphysics, and Buddhist philosophy. Outside of philosophy, he enjoys cooking, hiking, and listening to electronic music.

shiheng shang
Shiheng Shang
Master's Student, 2024 Cohort

I recently graduated from Sun Yat-sen University with a bachelor's degree in philosophy. My primary philosophical interests lie in metaethics and normative ethics, especially in the areas of moral anti-realism, Kantian ethics, and virtue ethics. I am also interested in political philosophy and logic. In my spare time, I enjoy playing video games and board games, experimenting with cooking, and reading history.

scott tang
Scott Tang
Master's Student, 2024 Cohort

I graduated from Shanghai International Studies University with a BA in Japanese Literature, but I have been devoted to philosophy since my sophomore year. I find the questions raised by Plato and Aristotle particularly intriguing, but I prefer to philosophize in the analytical philosophy tradition. My current interests mainly lie in ethics and epistemology, but I am secretly interested in mathematics and logic. Outside of philosophy, I enjoy jogging, cooking, and computer programming.

Cassandra Walsh
Cassandra Walsh
Master's Student, 2024 Cohort

In 2024, Cassandra's ten-year undergraduate adventure culminated in their graduating from the Harvard Extension School with a BA in social science. Their approach to learning in general and philosophy specifically is informed by their experiences as a first-generation student with multiple disabilities and as a survivor of domestic human trafficking. Within the realm of philosophy, Cassandra's interests center around those areas of social ontology, social epistemology, and philosophy of mind that explore the boundary between the individual and collective dimensions of human experience. Cassandra also enjoys meditating, experimenting with generative A.I., and playing the Elder Scrolls Online in their free time. Most importantly, Cassandra is delighted to be joining the Brandeis 2024 MA in Philosophy cohort and looks forward to forging meaningful connections with like-minded scholars.

jiuqiao xiao
Jiuqiao Xiao
Master's Student, 2024 Cohort

I graduated from USC with a BA in philosophy and a minor in psychology. Within philosophy, I'm currently most interested in epistemology and theory of action, but I'm intrigued by lots of random stuff as well. Outside of philosophy, I'm a massive music lover - I love alternative pop and rock the most I think, but I'm very focused and not as expansive. I also like hanging out and changing minds.

jingying yao
Jingying Yao
Master's Student, 2024 Cohort

I received my BA in Philosophy from Duke Kunshan University and an MA in Philosophy from King's College London. My research primarily focuses on social epistemology, particularly feminist social epistemology. I'm also interested in the intersections of social epistemology, philosophy of language, and philosophy of mind. In my spare time, I enjoy traveling and photography. Check out my photography insta account at lifeofyjy! Feel free to reach out if you'd like to model for me!