Minorities and Philosophy Chapter

MAP (Minorities and Philosophy) is an organization of philosophy students who aim to examine and address issues of minority participation in academic philosophy. Though primarily led by graduate students, MAP also relies on faculty support and encourages undergraduate participation. Currently, MAP has 134 chapters throughout the world. Find out more about the larger MAP organization here. Our Brandeis University MAP chapter started in February 2018. Since then, we have had a few meetings with the department concerning the climate. Last year, we organized a movie screening of Princess Mononoke which led to a discussion about environmental ethics and intersections with race, class, and oppression.
Our chapter is still very new. We are in the process of planning for more events this year and hope to have them continue. We are working on planning:

1) Monthly Coffee and Chat events that provide space for people to chat about their experience with philosophy and its climate ;

2) An annual MAP Speaker who is either a philosopher who works in philosophy of race and gender, or a philosopher who is a member of an underrepresented group; and

3) A Monthly Reading Group that will discuss philosophy of race and gender, feminist philosophy/theory, philosophical work by minority philosophers, and other related topics.

[Note: Currently our MAP chapter is hosting a bi-weekly reading discussion group with the goal of promoting the works of underrepresented groups in philosophy.  If you have any interest in participating, please contact Kevin Doherty at kevindoherty@brandeis.edu.]

Our mission is to help develop a healthier and more inclusive climate in the philosophy department at Brandeis. We are going to have regular on-going meetings with the department faculty that will continue to help our chapter grow.

Students, if there is anything you want to bring to the department's attention or if you want to help organize an event, please contact one or all of our representatives:

 Joshua Brown, Kevin Doherty, and Yimao Liu