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photo of Charles Golden
Charles Golden
Division Head
Professor of Anthropology
781-736-2217 Kutz Hall 204

Anthropological archaeology. The political organization of the Prehispanic Maya, archaeology of complex societies, landscape archaeology and remote sensing, and the modern social contexts of archaeology in Latin America.

Laura Woolf
Academic Administrator, Division of Social Sciences
781-736-2833 Abelson 108
photo of Alaina
Alaina Vermilya
Lead UDR

Faculty Committee Representatives

  • Committee on Strategy and Planning: George Hall, Economics
  • Committee on Academic Standards and Policy: Dan Kryder, Politics
  • Committee on Teaching, Learning and Assessment: Danielle Igra, Education
  • Advisory Committee of the Rabb School of Continuing Studies: Mike Strand, Sociology
  • Intellectual Property Review Committee: Gary Jefferson, Economics
  • Committee on Diversity, Equity, Inclusion (DEI) and Social Justice: Leah Gordon, Education
  • Committee on Undergraduate Academic Standing: Janet McIntosh, Anthropology
  • Committee on Admissions and Financial Aid: Carina Ray, African and African American Studies; Laura Jockusch, History
  • Tenured Promotions Committee: Elizabeth Ferry, Anthropology
  • Undergraduate Curriculum Committee: Ellen Schattschneider, Anthropology
  • Faculty Senate: Elanah Uretsky, International and Global Studies
  • Latte Subcommittee: Gregory Freeze, History

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