Department of Sociology


2023-2024 Handbook

This handbook is a guide for students pursuing graduate degrees in Sociology at Brandeis University. It contains essential information on the PhD (including the joint doctorate with the Heller School) and MA programs (in Sociology and in Sociology and Women's, Gender, and Sexuality Studies).

The handbook first describes graduate student advising and the Sociology Graduate Committee where graduate policies are made, monitored, and implemented. The handbook next presents rules and courses of study for completing degree work in Sociology. It then reviews Departmental and Graduate School policies on evaluating students, transferring credit, incomplete courses, and leaves of absence. Finally, it presents resources and facilities available to graduate students, University policies regarding financial aid and funding opportunities, and Brandeis policies and resources pertaining to students with disabilities. For additional resources and information, you can go to the graduate sections of the Brandeis Department of Sociology website and the shared Sociology Graduate Student Latte site to which all graduate students and faculty in the Department are subscribed.

We hope that you will use the handbook well. The Chair and Members of the Graduate Committee and the Departmental staff are available to answer questions.

Download a PDF of this handbook.