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2023 - 2024

Sarah Mayorga has been promoted to full Professor with tenure at Brandeis. This promotion recognizes Sarah's excellent record of research, teaching and service. Congratulations, Sarah!
Wendy Cadge is selected as the next president of Bryn Mawr College

Wendy Cadge, Dean of the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences and the Barbara Mandel Professor of Humanistic Social Sciences and Professor of Sociology, has been selected as the next president of Bryn Mawr College in Pennsylvania. Congratulations to Wendy from all of us!

As Carol A. Fierke (Provost and Executive Vice President for Academic Affairs) shares, Wendy’s work as a researcher, teacher, mentor, and administrator has left an indelible mark on Brandeis. Since she arrived here as an assistant professor in 2006, she has held a range of academic leadership positions, including chair of the women’s, gender and sexuality program (now department), head of the Division of Social Sciences, and senior associate dean for strategic initiatives in the School of Arts and Sciences. She won the Michael Walzer '56 Award for Teaching Excellence and Dean of Arts and Sciences Mentoring Award for Outstanding Teaching of Students in the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences. Among her significant scholarly achievements at Brandeis, Wendy founded the Chaplaincy Innovation Lab, which studies the way chaplains deliver spiritual care, and provides information and support to chaplains worldwide.

Congratulations to Wendy!

Professor Sarah Mayorga receives GSAS Mentoring Award

Sarah Mayorga is a co-recipient of the 2024 Graduate School of Arts and Sciences Dean’s Mentoring Award. Congratulations from all of us, Sarah!

Sarah Mayorga of Sociology and Bing Xu of Chemistry are the 2024 co-recipients of the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences Dean’s Mentoring Award. In their nominations, Mayorga and Xu both received very high praise from their students. Charles Golden, Interim Dean of the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences, said, "We are thrilled to be able to recognize these two highly deserving faculty members, who exemplify all the goals that we aim for as teachers at Brandeis working to support the success of our students."

Siri Suh gave the 5th Annual M. Jacqui Alexander Lecture in African Diaspora Studies at Brandeis
Ethnic and Racial Studies published a Symposium on Derron Wallace's book, The Culture Trap:
Natalie Saltzman '25 (Sociology major and UDR) was elected President of the Waltham Group, the university's largest community engagement organization
Sociology Young Alumni Panel

April 4, 2024

Sociology Young Alumni Panel 
Thursday, April 4th, 2024
5:30pm - 6:30pm
Pearlman 202
Global Fertility Industry and Transnational Reproduction of Whiteness

April 9, 2024

Tuesday, April 9, 2024 
12:30-1:30 pm
Liberman Miller Lecture Hall in Epstein

Amrita Pande, Professor of Sociology at University of Cape Town, South Africa, will present her work on the Global Fertility Industry and the Transnational Reproduction of Whiteness.

This event is sponsored by the Department of Sociology, the Department of Women's Gender, and Sexuality Studies, and the Women's Studies Research Center.

M. Jacqui Alexander Lecture in African Diaspora Studies

April 4, 2024

purple flyer for M. Jacqui Alexander Lecture

Thursday, April 4th
Swig Lounge
4:00pm - 5:30pm

Prof Siri Suh will be giving the 5th Annual M. Jacqui Alexander Lecture in African Diaspora Studies on Thursday, April 4 from 4-5:30 pm at Swig Lounge in the Intercultural Center. The talk is titled "Reproductive Justice in Global Perspective: Histories, Politics, and Practices of Reproductive Control in the African Diaspora," and will be moderated by Prof Wangui Muigai.

Blue flyer with webinar logistics
Creativity and Collaboration Across the Disciplines: In honor of Karen V. Hansen.

March 15, 2024

Friday, March 15th
1:00-4:15 pm
Two Panel Discussions

1-2:30pm - Collaboration & Engagement inn the Public Sphere

  • Gunlög FurLinnaeus University, Sweden

  • Arlie Hochschild, University of California, Berkeley

  • Nazli Kibria, Boston University

  • Dhooleka Sarhadi Raj, Independent Scholar

  • Discussant: Faith Smith, Brandeis University

Break 2:30-2:45
2:45-4:15 - Where the Work Takes You
  • Stephanie Bryson, PhD '09, Portland State University
  • Nicholas Monroe, PhD '21, Gartner
  • Samantha Leonard, PhD '23, Mount Holyoke College
  • Ken Sun, PhD '11, Villanova University
  • Discussant: Laura Miller, Brandeis University
Once you are registered, you will receive a confirmation of registration which also contains a unique link to join when the webinar begins. 
Purple flyer with small group discussion logisitcs
First-Year Small Group Discussion

March 11, 2024

First-Year Small Group Discussion
Monday, March 11th from 7-8 pm
SCC Room 314

The Sociology Department is partaking in this semester's Small Group Discussions for First-Years. These discussions happen each semester as a way for a small cohort of first-years to meet a faculty member in a department or program they are interested in. 

For this semester's Small Group Discussion, the UDRs have decided to highlight Professor Derron Wallace of the Sociology and Education Departments as our guest speaker. Professor Wallace will be speaking about his path into Sociology and other career insights. 

This event will take place on Monday, March 11th from 7-8 pm in the SCC room 314. 

As spots are limited, we strongly encourage first-year students interested in exploring the Sociology Department to register and join in the conversation.

You can use this link, or scan the QR code on the flyer to register. 


We look forward to seeing you there! 


pink flyer with text that reads Senior Thesis Information Session on March 8, 2024 from 2:30 to 3:45 in 201 Pearlman Hall
Senior Thesis Information Session for Sociology Juniors

March 8, 2024

March 8th, 2024 

2:30pm - 3:45pm

202 Pearlman Hall

Want to learn about senior thesis writing in the Sociology Department? Come to an information session with Prof. Siri Suh and fellow Sociology majors to learn more!

If you have any questions or concerns, please reach out to Prof. Suh ( or Cheri Hansen ( 

Get Curious Poster
Get Curious Event

February 7, 2024

The Mandel Center for the Humanities is hosting a new series co-sponsored with the Department of Sociology called 'Get Curious.' 
There are two upcoming events: 
Alternative to Policing 
February 7th, 2024 
12-1 pm 
Mandel 303 
Featuring Professor Sarah Mayorga and Professor Alexandra Piñeros-Shields 
Trans Justice 
March 20th, 2024 
12-1 pm 
Mandel 303 
Professor Siri Suh launches Into Women's Hands
Siri Suh launched a website on misoprostol in Burkina Faso and Senegal for her collaborative ethnographic research project on misoprostol. Titled "Into Women's Hands," the project explores the use, procurement, circulation, quantification, and availability of misoprostol for authorized and off-label obstetric indications in Burkina Faso and Senegal. Please check out the website to learn more about their research questions and methodology, the status of maternal and reproductive health care in the study countries, and to meet their fantastic research teams in Burkina Faso and Senegal
Pink Flyer for End of Semester event on December 13th from 12:30pm - 1:30pm in Pearlman 201
Sociology Department End of the Semester UDR Event

December 13, 2023

Sociology Department End of the Semester UDR Event
Wednesday, December 13th, 2023
12:30pm - 1:30pm
Pearlman 201


Sara Shostak was awarded the "Sowing Seeds of Success Award" by the Urban Farming Institute of Boston (UFI) at their annual gala
The executive director of UFI, Pat Spence, shared that Sara was being honored for all the work that she has done with them and how "heartfelt" her approach to collaboration has been. The introduction to Sara's award also included big shout-outs to Brandeis students, including all the students in Sara's 2016 capstone class and Tamar Harrison, who did the interviews for their co-authored Fit Around the Farm study. UFI is also featured in Sara's book, Back to the Roots, published in 2021. Sara shares, "In 2015, at an Urban Agriculture Working Group meeting at the Charlton Public Library, Pat made a comment about wanting to find university partnerships for UFI. My first thought was, 'whoever gets to work with UFI is so lucky!' and, indeed, I have been. Learning from UFI over the years has been such an honor and so important, both for me and for my students."
Congratulations Professor Derron Wallace on his new appointment:
Derron Wallace has been named the Jacob S. Potofsky Chair in Sociology (2023). This appointment recognizes Derron's outstanding accomplishments as a scholar and a teacher, as well as his considerable contributions to the Brandeis community. Congratulations, Derron!
Blue background flyer saying there is a community gathering on November 30th from 4:00pm to 5:00pm in Pearlman 113
The Sociology faculty and UDRs are inviting you to a Community Gathering

November 30, 2023

Sociology Community Gathering
Thursday, November 30th, 2023
4:00pm - 5:00pm
Pearlman 113

In light of the ongoing war in the Middle East, the Sociology Department invites students to share their concerns and listen to one another in a common space. We want to hear from you and to see how you are doing. If you would like to come and just listen to what others have to say, you are more than welcome to do so! Some Sociology faculty will also be present to listen to students’ concerns and to guide the discussion. During this gathering, we will use the model of "listening circles,” where there will be opportunities to speak and listen, and where every feeling, curiosity, and opinion will be treated with respect. Our gathering will also include a component in which we discuss analytical tools from sociology that can help us to think comparatively and historically about the current event. Overall, we are holding this event so that we can further build trust within our community and make sure everyone's voices are being heard.
Social Science Resource Fair November 14th from 3:30pm to 5:30pm green and purple notebook and pen graphics
Social Science Resource Fair

November 14, 2023

Social Science Resource Fair
Tuesday, November 14th, 2023
3:30pm - 5:30pm
SCC Atrium

Three UDRS and Grad student take picutre at social science fair

Small Group Dicussion with Professor Siri Suh happening at Pearlman 201 on October 18, 2023 at 4:00pm
Small Group Discussion for First Years

October 18, 2023

Small Group Dicussion for First Years
Led by the Sociology UDRs and Professor Siri Suh
Wednesday, October 18th 2023
4:00pm - 5:00pm
Pearlman 201
Meet the Majors Event poster
Meet the Sociology Majors & Minors!

October 11, 2023

Sociology UDR Event!
Meet the Major/Minor
Wednesday, October 11th 2023
3:30pm - 5:00pm
Outside of Pearlman by the swing!