Limits on Summer Enrollment

Summer School courses are part of your regular Brandeis undergraduate record; just like classes taken in the Fall or the Spring terms.

They count toward your GPA, credits toward the 128 credits needed to graduate, and toward major, minor and graduation requirements.

Brandeis students may take up to a maximum of 12 credit hours (three 4-credit courses OR two 4-credit courses and two 2-credit labs) in a single summer term. The limit on credit hours earned in a single summer also includes credits from any other source if the intent is to use those credits for the purpose of addressing any degree or major requirement.

Within the Brandeis Summer School, there is a maximum of 8 credits in a single summer session (Session 1 or Session 2). 

Students can take as little as one class, up to the maximum of 12 credits. For students who wish to earn the maximum 12 credits the following enrollment patterns are possible:

Any other proposed combination of courses are subject to petition to the Summer School.  A review of the petitioner’s academic record would be used.  The Committee on Academic Standing would review cases where a student wishes to take more than 12 credits. Please note: this is highly discouraged and unlikely to be approved.

Please review residency requirements to ensure that your academic plans are sound.