Repeating Courses

Students may repeat a course once for the purpose of demonstrating a higher level of mastery. Students may only earn credit once per course (unless the course is explicitly defined as allowing repetition for credit). The original course grade remains on the transcript, but is not factored into the calculation of the GPA when the repeated course is taken and a final grade is assigned. The grade in the repeated course, regardless if it is lower than the original course grade, will be factored into the GPA. If the student earns a passing grade on the repeated course, it will earn credit toward the 128 credits required for graduation, and the original course will not.

As defined by the department, students may not repeat a course for credit at a lower level, when they have successfully completed a higher level course in the same sequence with a grade of C or higher.

Students who receive grades below a C for the original course and for the repeated course may petition to be allowed a second repeat attempt. Petitions will be heard by the Executive Council of the Committee on Academic Standing and require the consent and support of the department and instructor offering the course.

This policy applies to courses repeated when the second or final attempt is taken in fall 2019 or later. It does not apply to repeated courses taken prior to fall 2019; these courses are governed by the prior policy.

Additional information about repeating courses and the impact on your student record (GPA, transcripts, etc.) can be found on the Registrar's Bulletin of Classes.