2020 Summer Course Syllabi

Instructors are developing their summer syllabi right now. We will post Summer 2020 syllabi as soon as they receive them!

If you do not see a syllabus for the course you want, you can contact the instructor and ask them to send a draft syllabus to the Summer School for posting. Note: some summer instructors teach the same courses every summer, so we may include links to their syllabi from previous summer terms for reference while we wait for an updated syllabus.

All course syllabi are subject to change.

ANTH 5A: Human Origins with Javier Urcid

ANTH 116A: Human Osteology with Javier Urcid

BCHM 88B: Introductory Biochemistry with Kene Piasta

BIOL 15B: Cells and Organisms with Kene Piasta

BIOL 26A: Plant Biology with Melissa Kosinski-Collins

BIOL 42A: Human Physiology with Maria Miara

BISC 10B: Biology of Women's Health with Melissa Kosinski-Collins and Semana Setty

BISC 11A: Biodiversity Connections with Colleen Hitchcock

BUS 71A: Introduction to Finance with Yaxuan Wen

CHEM 11A: General Chemistry I with Rebecca Meeks

CHEM 11B: General Chemistry II with Michael Vela

CHEM 25A: Organic Chemistry I with Stephanie Murray

CHEM 25B: Organic Chemistry II with Mustafa Yatin

COSI 10A: Introduction to Problem Solving in Python with Antonella DiLillo

COSI 12B: Advanced Programming Techniques with Michael Golitsyn

COSI 21A: Data Structures and the Fundamentals of Computing with Antonella DiLillo

COSI 131A: Operating Systems with Iraklis Tsekourakis

COSI 152A: Web Application Development with Timothy Hickey

COSI 153A: Mobile Application Development with Timothy Hickey 

ECON 2A: A Survey of Economics with Qi He

ECON 10A: Introduction to Microeconomics with Kyeongah Lee

ECON 20A: Introduction to Macroeconomics with Zhenyu Gong

ECON 25A: Oral Communication in Economics Practicum with Galit Eizman

ECON 28B: The Global Economy with Mohammed AlMehdar

ECON 80A-1: Microeconomic Theory with Hyongse Yoo

ECON 80A-2: Microeconomic Theory with Karen Smith

ECON 82B-1: Macroeconomic Theory with Angela Oriana Montti Sosa

ECON 82B-2: Macroeconomic Theory with Amanda Guimbeau

ECON 83A: Statistics for Economic Analysis with Yaxuan Wen

ECON 151A: Statistical Modeling with R for Economics and Finance with Mark McAvoy

ECON 171A: Financial Economics with Anne Laski

ENG 79A: Screenwriting Workshop: Beginning Screenplay with Marc Weinberg

ENG 126B: Joyce's Ulysses with David Sherman

ENG 147A: Film Noir with William Flesch

ENG 180A: The Modern American Short Story with William Flesch

FA 3A: Introduction to Drawing I with Alfredo Gisholt 

FA 4A: Sculpture Foundation: 3-D Design I with Catherine Della Lucia

GECS 188B: Human/Nature: European Perspectives on Climate Change with Sabine von Mering

HIST 56B: World History to 1960 with Alexander Herbert 

HSSP 114B: Racial/Ethnic and Gender Inequalities in Health and Health Care with Jessica Santos

IGS 10A: Introduction to International and Global Studies with Chandler Rosenberger

INT 92G: Summer Internship with Alyssa Stalsberg-Canelli

MATH 8A: Introduction to Probability and Statistics with Jiajie Zheng

MATH 10A: Techniques of Calculus (a) with McKee Krumpak

MATH 10B: Techniques of Calculus (b) with Zachary Thomas Larsen

MATH 15A: Applied Linear Algebra with Kewen Wang

MATH 20A: Multi-variable Calculus with Qing Liu

MATH 36A: Probability with Eric Hanson

MATH 37A: Differential Equations Denis Patterson

MATH 39A: Introduction to Combinatorics with Olivier Bernardi

PHIL 6A: Introduction to Symbolic Logic with Casey Rufener

PHIL 131A: Philosophy of Mind with Casey Rufener

PHYS 10A: Introduction to Physical Laws and Phenomena I with Richard Williams

PHYS 10B: Introduction to Physical Laws and Phenomena II with Richard Williams

POL 15A: Introduction to International Relations with Kerry Chase

PSYC 33A: Developmental Psychology with Teresa Vann Mitchell

PSYC 51A: Statistics with Jutta Wolf

PSYC 52A: Research Methods and Laboratory in Psychology with Jutta Wolf

PSYC 148A: Applied Statistical Computing in R with Xiaodong Liu

REL 151A: The Buddha: His Life and Teachings with Yu Feng

SOC 1A: Order and Change in Society with Samantha Leonard

SOC 182B: Applied Research Methods with Charlotte Powley

THA 2A: Introduction to Theatre: From the Page to the Stage with Alexander Jacobs

THA 15B: Public Speaking: The Art of Oral Communication with Jennifer Cleary

UWS 16A: University Writing Seminar: Sex and Advertising with Douglas Kirshen

UWS 48A: University Writing Seminar: Love: Where, When, How, Who? with Martha Lagace


All course syllabi are subject to change.

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Summer 2020 was online

Due to COVID-19, all Brandeis Summer School classes were online for Summer 2020. There were two models of instruction 5-week synchronous "remote learning" and 10-week asynchronous online courses. We are not certain if we will be having classes on-campus this summer, but will update students as soon as we know.