Costume Rental Terms

Brandeis University Costume Rental Agreement — Terms and Conditions

  1. The rental fee is a minimum of $15 per costume, per week of performance. Rental fees are charged only for the run of the show, not for time required for fittings and cleaning.
  2. One costume is defined as all of the pieces that make up an outfit, including petticoats and corsets as available. For example, one skirt, one blouse, one jacket, one petticoat, one corset and one scarf would constitute one costume.
  3. The rental fee and deposit are due at the time costumes are picked up. Checks should be written to: Brandeis University.
  4. A refundable security deposit of no less than $25 and up to the replacement value for all costumes rented will be collected at the time of rental to cover damaged and/or lost costumes. School groups may submit a letter of accountability stating who will be financially responsible for lost or damaged costumes in lieu of a deposit. The letter should be on school letterhead and must include the name and dates of the production, a return date for the costumes, and be signed by the person taking financial responsibility. A new letter of accountability will be required for each production.
  5. Brandeis University students may borrow costumes for use in coursework for theater classes without paying a rental fee unless the project is sponsored. A refundable deposit will still be required. All other terms and conditions apply.
  6. Colleges and universities with whom we have reciprocal borrowing agreements are exempt from leaving a rental fee or deposit with the acknowledgement of taking financial responsibility for lost or damaged costumes and late fees as detailed below, and that all other terms and conditions apply.
  7. There will be a late fee equal to one week's rental fee for costumes returned more than seven days after the expected return date, and for each additional week the costumes are late. If you know you will not be able to return rented costumes on time, you must call to make new arrangements before the return date on your agreement.
  8. We do not rent costume accessories such as shoes, wigs, hats, jewelry or handbags.
  9. Costumes must be restored to their original condition prior to being returned. No permanent alterations (such as replacing hooks or snaps with a zipper) are permitted and no costume may be cut or treated with glue, paint or dye. Please remove all masking tape labels before cleaning.
  10. All costumes must be returned dry cleaned or laundered, as appropriate. The renter takes full responsibility for costumes damaged by improper laundering
  11. We reserve the right to suspend rental and borrowing privileges for parties who do not comply with the terms and conditions.
  12. When shipping costume returns, please ship to the following address:

    Brandeis University Theater Department
    ATTN: Costume Returns
    415 South Street, MS 072
    Waltham, MA 02454