Props Rental Agreement

Terms and Conditions

  1. The rental fee is a minimum of $5 per week. (See rental fee chart below.) Rental fees are charged from the pick-up date through the run of the show and must be returned within seven days of the closing performance. The minimum rental period is one week.

  2. The rental fee is due at the time props are returned to Brandeis.

  3. A refundable security deposit of no less than $25 and up to the replacement value for all props rented will be collected at the time of rental to cover damaged and/or lost props. Non-Brandeis school groups may submit a letter of accountability stating who will be financially responsible for lost or damaged props in lieu of a deposit. The letter should be on school letterhead and be signed by the person taking financial responsibility.
  4. There will be a late fee of $3 per prop, per day for props returned more than seven days after the expected return date. If you know you will not be able to return rented props on time, please call to make new arrangements.

  5. Props may not be altered without written permission from the Director of Production before alteration. All props approved for alteration must be restored to their original condition before being returned.

  6. All dishware, cups/glasses, utensils, etc., must be washed before being returned.

  7. Deposit and rental fees can be paid in cash or by check, made out to Brandeis University.

  8. Rental fees may be waived for THA class use and mainstage shows only.

  9. All items in prop stock may not be available for rental due to use in department shows, which take priority, or for other reasons. No props may be put on hold. Furniture ad props being used in classrooms or rehearsal are not available for rental.

  10. We reserve the right to refuse lending or renting of properties to any person or organization that does not comply with these regulations. Repeated violations by an individual and/or group will result in loss of rental/loan privileges.

Rental Rates

  • Hand props (single) — $5

  • Hand props (if renting several pieces then up to 4 individual items) — $10

  • General furniture (chairs, end tables, benches, crates, etc.) — $10

  • Practicals and large/specialized furniture — $15

  • Custom-made or unique pieces (depending on size and condition) — $20-$50.

(Rental determined by prop stock manager)

Deposits will be based on rental rates and determined by the prop stock keeper when rented.

*Rental fees for UTC shows will be invoiced together at the end of each semester.

Please note: Each group is still responsible for leaving the deposit for their rented items.