Workday at Brandeis

Navigating Period Activity Pay

Period Activity Pay (PAP) is another form of payment Brandeis uses to pay faculty, staff and students for work performed that is not salaried or hourly. PAP pays an individual a specific amount of money over a specific period of time for a designated activity. It can cover short-term work (such as summer courses) or long-term work (such as postdoctoral funding). It is not the same as a one-time payment; one time payments are generally used for bonuses or relocation expenses. PAP is for work performed.

If you are not sure if a student should be paid for work with a PAP or an hourly rate, please contact the Student Employment Office at

If you are not sure if a staff member should be paid for work with a PAP, please contact

If you have questions about faculty compensation and PAP, please contact your Dean's Office.