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Academic rigor. Robust debate. Critical thinking. A commitment to justice.

These are the defining characteristics of a Brandeis education — and the principles that are at the heart of the Brandeis Core.

Every student in the School of Arts and Sciences embarks on a journey through the Brandeis Core — an innovative curriculum of courses and modules that provide you with skills, knowledge and understanding you need to thrive during your time here, and throughout your life.

A Timeless Toolkit for a Changing World

Professor John Plotz talks with students while wearing a mask, sitting outside under a tent.

Nearly every college and university requires that students complete a series of general education courses, designed to ensure that they acquire a broad set of skills and competencies that prepare them for the world beyond college.

The Brandeis Core goes a step further. It reflects the university's unique heritage of justice and inclusion, and the dynamic intellectual and personal demands of an increasingly interconnected world.

In your Core courses, you'll dig deep into issues of justice, diversity, equity and inclusion, examining relationships between and among societies, institutions, religions and peoples. You'll be required to think critically, communicate effectively and function successfully in a digital environment. You'll make evidence-based arguments and decisions, manipulate quantitative information and grapple with historical and cultural context.

Ultimately, you'll broaden and deepen your college experience, and prepare yourself for the meaningful work of life as an engaged, global citizen of the 21st century.

Core Competencies

Core Requirements

Brandeis Core requirements allow you to explore and acquire new perspectives and knowledge by exposing you to courses and experiences from across the University:

  • University Writing Seminar (including attendance at a faculty led Critical Conversation)
  • One course from the Division of Science
  • One course from the Division of Humanities
  • One course from the Division of Social Sciences
  • One course from the Division of Creative Arts
  • One quantitative reasoning course
  • One Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Studies in the United States course
  • One Difference and Justice in the World course
  • The third semester of a language sequence or its equivalent
  • Course(s) or course equivalents within your major that satisfy writing, digital literacy and oral communication requirements
  • Three Health, Wellness and Life Skills modules