Since its founding, Brandeis has focused on liberal arts education for undergraduates while building a pioneering research enterprise that invites even first-year students to participate in original inquiry. We are proud of our heritage of academic rigor, robust debate, critical thinking and social justice. These elements are defining characteristics of a Brandeis education.

That’s why the innovative Brandeis Core curriculum embodies these animating principles. Every entering student in the School of Arts and Sciences, beginning in fall 2019, will participate in the Brandeis Core, a set of required courses and modules developed to provide each student with the diverse set of skills, understanding and knowledge to thrive in college and in professional life.

Most colleges and universities include general education requirements covering a broad set of shared skills and learning for all students. Yet Brandeis is distinctive in offering an innovative core curriculum that speaks to the university’s unique heritage of justice and inclusion, as well as to the dynamic intellectual and personal demands of participation in an increasingly interconnected, global world.

In your Core courses you will explore issues of justice, diversity, equity and inclusion, by examining relationships between and among societies, institutions, regions and peoples. You will learn to think critically and communicate effectively; make evidence-based arguments and decisions; manipulate quantitative information, understand historical and cultural context, and function successfully within a digital environment.

Thirty-two credits must be completed in order to graduate. In addition to completing at least one major, you must successfully complete these Brandeis Core requirements:

  • University Writing Seminar (including attendance at a faculty led Critical Conversation)
  • One course from the Division of Science
  • One course from the Division of Humanities
  • One course from the Division of Social Science
  • One course from the Division of Creative Arts
  • One quantitative reasoning course
  • One Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Studies in the United States course
  • One Difference and Justice in the World course 
  • The third semester of a language sequence or its equivalent
  • Course(s) or course equivalents within your major that satisfy writing, digital literacy and oral communication requirements
  • Three Health, Wellness and Life Skills modules

Collectively, these courses and modules will help you build a solid foundation to broaden and deepen your college experience and to prepare you for success in your professional and postgraduate life as an engaged citizen of the world.