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From our forthcoming 2020-2021 Issue

Students at Brandeis

 A compilation of outstanding essays from University Writing Seminars. 


Lens Essay 

Carina J. Luo
"Condemnation of Female Hunger"

Carina updates Susan Bordo's 1993 essay, "Hunger as Ideology," by applying it to recent advertisements. In one, a female coroner spares no effort to obtain the enjoyment of a male corpses's impressive protuberance—a bottle of Mike's Hard Lemonade. In a Yoplait commercial, a young woman casually consumes a cup of yogurt, unconcerned by the impatience of her panting lovers. From UWS 16a: Sex and Advertising, Fall 2020.


Research Essays

Ada de la Fuente-Akersveen
"Gene Editing: How Advancements in this Technology Highlight the Need to Redefine Disability"

There are now medical techniques that can alter the DNA of a fetus in utero to prevent diseases and disabilities. But what exactly constitutes a disability? And what about mistakes? Ada examines the fundamental philosophical questions raised by this technology. What constitutes a good life — and how far should we push science to ensure it for our children? From UWS 4a Medial Ethics, Fall 2020.

Roshni Ray
"Women’s Friendships and Feminism"

In her paper from a Fall 2020 UWS on Conceptions of Friendship,  Roshni considers the role of female friendship in the course of feminism. She approaches the topic from the perspectives of historical events, academic articles, and the Amazon television series Fleabag