University Writing Program


University Writing Program

james mandrell
James Mandrell
Director, University Writing Program
Associate Professor of Hispanic Studies, Comparative Literature and Film Studies
781-736-3215 Rabb Graduate Center 211
lisa rourke
Lisa Rourke
Director of First-Year Writing
Assistant Professor, University Writing Program
781-736-2739 Rabb Graduate Center 225

  • Stories of Illness (UWS 1a)
  • Medical Ethics (UWS 4a)
  • Business Ethics (UWS 13b)

doug kirshen
Doug Kirshen
Lecturer and Administrator, University Writing Program
781-736-4006 Rabb Graduate Center 214

  • Composition Seminar (CSEM-01A)
  • Sex and Advertising (UWS-16A)
  • Coming to America (UWS-65A)

Paige Eggebrecht
Paige Eggebrecht
Lecturer and Faculty Advisor to the Writing Center
Rabb Graduate Center 223

  • UWS 56b "Tracking the Digital Self"
  • UWS 9a “Crowded Futures: Population Horror in Dystopian Film”
  • UWS 10a “Like, but not Like: Uncanny Futures of Sci-Fi”
  • UWS 25a “The Good, the Bad, and the Slimy: Aliens of Sci-Fi
  • ENG 55a "Smoke and Brick: Working-Class Literature of the Mechanical Age"

University Writing Center

Paige Eggebrecht, Faculty Advisor
Reza Pourmikail and Emiliano Gutiérrez Popoca, Co-Directors
Goldfarb Mezzanine 232 

English Language Programs

Vinodini Murugesan, Director