Index of Papers

Fall 2018–Fall 2020

Write Now! A compilation of outstanding essays from University Writing Seminars.

Sam Ackerman
"A Living Document with Dead Ideals"
Lens Paper | Fall 2019
UWS: The American Dream

Leeza Barstein
"Suffering Redefined: The Animal Liberation Front’s Subversion of Utilitarianism"
Research Paper | Fall 2019
UWS: Undermining Power: Subversion and Resistance

Sydney Carim
"The Relative Truth"
Lens Paper | Fall 2019
UWS: Images of Africa

Ada de la Fuente-Akersveen
"Gene Editing: How Advancements in this Technology Highlight the Need to Redefine Disability"
Research Paper | Fall 2020
UWS 4a: Medical Ethics

Kang Hankyul
"Code Black: Public Hospitals and Inequality in American Healthcare"
Research Proposal | Spring 2020
UWS 4a: Medical Ethics

Zoe Hermer-Cisek
"Transgender People in Advertisements, Transnormativity, and Corporate Wokeness"
Research Paper | Spring 2020
UWS 16a: Sex and Advertising

Jacob Knauer
"Soldiers on the Street: How Insecurity Can Justify Authoritarianism"
Lens Paper | Spring 2019
UWS: Utopias/Dystopias

Carina J. Luo
"Condemnation of Female Hunger"
Lens Paper | Fall 2020
UWS 16a: Sex and Advertising

Markia Neufville
"What Is a Nation?"
Lens Paper | Fall 2018
UWS Huddled Masses: Immigrants in America

Roshni Ray
"Women’s Friendships and Feminism"
Research Paper | Fall 2020
UWS: Conceptions of Friendship

Jacob Silverman
"'The Most Dangerous Negro': Martin Luther King Jr. and the FBI"
Research Paper | Fall 2018
UWS: From the 13th Amendment to Mass Incarceration

Sam Timbers
"Working at Play in Dark Souls"
Research Paper | Spring 2019
UWS 31a: Fans, Culture, and Society