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Summer 2017: March 16, 2017

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Approved Programs


Students can choose from over 100 approved summer programs

A list of approved summer programs are available here. From this list, choose "Advanced Search" and look for programs based on specific criteria. Make sure that "summer" is selected for the "Term" so you're looking for the correct programs.

All of the programs on the Summer Study Abroad Approved Program List allow you to continue your academic learning in the context of another culture and earn credit toward your degree.

There is a great diversity of programs available to Brandeis students in terms of classroom settings, housing options, course availability, location, and classmates.

Below are some featured programs with Brandeis faculty!

CET/ Summer Italian Studies in Siena, Italy with Professor Paola Servino

If you love Italy and are looking for immersion, CET Siena is the program for you. This is an intimate program in a small city—individual attention from staff allows students to quickly feel at home. The program is open to serious students from all schools and Italian language levels. Weekend excursions to remote spots around Siena, in addition to Italian language and elective courses, take learning outside the classroom walls and into the streets of one of Italy's most charming cities.  Italian roommates and language partners offer US students an opportunity to hone their language skills. Finally, participants in this summer program will have the opportunity to volunteer for a wide range of local businesses and organizations. Students who complete the program may receive numeric credit for three Brandeis courses.

CET/ Summer Intensive Chinese Language in Beijing with Professor Yu Feng

CET Beijing students are fully immersed in Chinese language learning. They take a full load of intensive Chinese language classes and make exceptional strides in their language skills over the course of the summer term. They live with Chinese roommates, attend Chinese language excursions and abide by a full-time Chinese language pledge. This program is for serious students of all language levels, from beginners to heritage learners.

For more information about the program, you can also speak to Professor Yu Feng or Alisha Cardwell in Study Abroad.

Summer Brandeis-Led Programs:

Brandeis in The Hague

Brandeis in The HagueBased in the university town of Leiden, the Netherlands and led by Brandeis University Legal Studies Professor Richard Gaskins, this program is suited for anyone interested in human rights, global justice, or international law. The summer program allows students to take two courses over a six-week period, participate in court visits in the “international city of peace and justice,” and partake in moot court exercises at Leiden's Grotius Center for International Legal Studies. All majors are welcome!

Brandeis in Siena

Brandeis in Siena is a two-course, five and a half week, intensive summer program combining Studio Art and Art History in Siena, Italy. Led by Fine Arts Professors Joseph Wardwell and Jonathan Unglaub in alternate years, students will take FA 28a Painting Siena and FA 45a Early Renaissance Art in Tuscany from the Age of Dante to the Medici in collaboration with our academic partner, the Siena Art Institute. See Renaissance artwork up close in museums and cathedrals, and be inspired by the Tuscan landscape just as so many artists were before you. This program fulfills the Creative Arts requirement and you do not need to be an Art major or minor to participate!

Brandeis in Copenhagen
Brandeis in Copenhagen: Economics in Denmark
Brandeis in Copenhagen is a program for Economics students to earn credit with Brandeis Economics faculty and local faculty in Copenhagen, Denmark. View the summer course information on the Brandeis in Siena page. This two-course program is taught over five and a half weeks in collaboration with DIS Study abroad. Note that certain prerequisites apply.

For more information about Brandeis-Led Programs, schedule an appointment with Wanda Weinberger, Assistant Director of Brandeis-Led Study Programs.