New Program Approval

Since Brandeis maintains an approved programs list with many options across disciplines, most students are able to find a program that meets their interests and academic needs. Due to the need to review programs for health and safety, academic rigor, cultural integration and student support, it is rare that a student is able to petition to add a new program, especially with a study abroad organization that Brandeis does not already partner with.

If there is a program you would like to discuss further, the best first step is to meet with a member of the Study Abroad advising staff. The Office of Study Abroad can do an initial review to see if the program matches standard requirements (runs through an already established partnership, meets our length and contact hours, has well-developed health and safety plans, is recommended by peer institutions, and more). It is also important to note that Brandeis University does not approve traveling programs; the program must be located in one city/country for the majority of the semester or summer term (programs that visit multiple countries in equal amounts would not be considered). The Study Abroad Review Committee will review this information to see if the program meets the basic standards established by Brandeis University and if they recommend that the program be reviewed for final approval by the Undergraduate Curriculum Committee.

If the program is to be presented to the Undergraduate Curriculum Committee, students will need to complete a petition and have multiple conversations with the proposed program and program returnees. In addition, the program will need to be vetted by Brandeis academic departments and program staff will need to complete a lengthy questionnaire. The procedures to get a new study abroad program approved by the University Curriculum Committee are lengthy, so please plan ahead. Since this is an involved process, students should begin working with our office at least a month before the deadline below.

New Program Approval Deadlines

  • Academic Year 2024-25; Fall 2024; Spring 2025; Summer 2024 — Dec. 7, 2023

The Office of Study Abroad will present any new program petitions to the Undergraduate Curriculum Committee in the early spring semester so students will have a decision before the deadline. Students should always prepare to have an alternate program in case it is not approved.