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Application Process & Deadlines


Salvador, Brazil

You will need to complete, two applications for study abroad (except for DIS programs) if you would like to obtain Brandeis credit for your work overseas:

Brandeis Study Abroad Application Deadline
  • Thursday, Feb. 15, 2018: Deadline for Fall 2018, Spring 2019 and full Academic Year 2018-2019
    • Paper application materials are due by 4:59 pm
    • Online application materials are due by 11:59 pm

Applications not completed by the above deadline will not be accepted.

Application Decision Notification

The study abroad approval decisions will be posted mid-March. The Study Abroad Application Review Committee will review each application and consider it in terms of the selection criteria, once the Committee has reached its decision, you will receive an email notifying you of a Change in Status.  Log into your online Brandeis Study Abroad account and read the PDF decision letter.

Application Overview

The Brandeis application consists of the following pieces:

  • Material Submissions:
    • Academic Proposal of Study
    • Program Application Advisor Approval Submitted - Fall and Academic Year
  • Signature Documents:
    • Application Photo Information
    • Declared All Major(s) / Minor(s)
    • External Application Submitted - Fall and Academic Year
    • Study Abroad Funding Virtual Workshop
    • Statement of Agreement
  • Questionnaires:
    • Application Statements for Brandeis Study Abroad
    • Emergency Contacts
  • Assessment:
    • Funding and/or Financial Aid quiz
  • Recommendation:
    • One Letter of Recommendation (for select programs)
Please schedule an appointment with the Office of Study Abroad if you would like to open a study abroad application. More information regarding the sections of the application are below but further information is available inside your individual Brandeis online study abroad account.

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Material Submissions

1. The Academic Proposal of Study is a form that should be printed, filled out, and turned in to the Office of Study Abroad by the application deadline.  The Academic Proposal of Study is integral in demonstrating your academic preparedness for study abroad.  In order for the document to be considered complete, you will need to submit the following:

  • Proposal of study and course choices for your primary and alternate study abroad program(s)
  • Progress in your major(s) (numbers of courses completed in each declared major)
  • Study Abroad Faculty Liaison signature(s)

Please note that you must meet with the Faculty Liaison for ALL of your majors and minors by the application deadline, so plan ahead!

2. Program Application Advisor Approval Submitted - Fall and Academic Year

As part of the external application process, many study abroad programs have either an electronic or paper Study Abroad Advisor Approval / Home School Nomination form that requires a signature from our office before you will be accepted to their program. Please list Darren Gallant ( as the advisor/staff member who will receive the form.

  • Spring semester applicants need to apply to your program by the end of the summer, at the latest September 1, 2017.
  • Academic Year and Fall semester applicants, you will need to apply to your program by the February 16, 2017 Brandeis Study Abroad Application deadline, though some deadlines may be earlier.

Many programs will have deadlines that are later than the above deadlines, you must follow the Brandeis timeline in order to receive notification of acceptance into your program by the appropriate Notification Deadlines below.

It is important that you start your external application to your study abroad program early because you will be required to notify the Office of Study Abroad of your acceptance to your program by specific dates: Academic Year and Fall semester students: Mid-March or Spring semester students: Mid-October. Specific dates are listed within the application.

We work hard to make sure this information is up to date so once we submit the form to your external program, this item will appear as completed in your checklist. Should you feel that there is an error with regards to the status of this form, please contact our office.
Signature Documents
3. An Application Photo is also required for the Brandeis On-Line Application. The photo must be a formal passport-style or ID photo which meets the following requirements:
  • Color photo
  • Clear photo of your head and shoulders
  • Solid background
  • Properly sized and oriented in the proper direction
  • Can be taken expressly for this purpose with a digital camera or can be cropped from another photo
  • File size no larger than 100kb with a maximum height of 180 pixels and a maximum width of 120 pixels

The following will not be accepted:

  • Black and white photos
  • Graduation portraits
  • Scans of your actual passport photo

The photo will only be used for internal identification purposes.

4. Declared All intended Major(s) / Minor(s)

You are encouraged to declare all your intended majors and minors by the Study Abroad Application Deadline to ensure you can complete those majors and to facilitate credit transfer from courses you plan to take abroad.  At a minimum, you must officially declare a primary major before you apply to study abroad. Forms are available online.

5. External Application Submitted - Fall and Academic Year

Fall and Academic Year applicants are required to submit their external program applications prior to the listed Brandeis once a year deadline. This is intentionally early to ensure you receive an acceptance prior to the notification deadline in March.

6. Study Abroad Funding Workshop

This online workshop will help explain some of the billing, budgeting, and financial processes, resources, and implications of studying abroad.

7. The Statement of Agreement is your acknowledgement of awareness of Brandeis study abroad policies and procedures.

8. The Application Statements for Brandeis Study Abroad form will be completed and submitted online.  Students who wish to go abroad for a semester or for a year will need to submit the following as part of the Brandeis Application Questionnaire:
  • Personal Statement (see details below)
  • Alternate Program Choice (if applicable)
  • Term of Study (fall or spring) Rationale

The application requires a personal statement that addresses the selection criteria and answers the following questions.  Your statement should be about 1,000 words in essay format. If you are applying to two programs, be sure your statement includes answers to all of the following questions for both your primary program and your alternate program. Failure to include answers to all questions for both programs may result in your application being denied.

  • What are your academic and intellectual goals for study abroad?
  • How do your academic goals for study abroad relate to your overall academic plan at Brandeis?
  • Why is your proposed program the best match for your academic goals for study abroad?
  • What do you hope to gain from living and learning in a new culture?
  • How do you plan to integrate yourself in your host institution and host city or town?
  • Describe the challenges you imagine you will face while living and studying in a different culture and give concrete examples of how you will deal with these challenges.
  • How have you prepared yourself academically for study abroad in your chosen host country?  
  • How much do you already know about the history and culture of your proposed study abroad location?

9. Emergency contact: we need your emergency contact numbers on file.

10. A Funding and/or Financial Aid Quiz is required to ensure you understood the details of the Study Abroad Funding Virtual Workshop. All students complete one quiz, based on your financial status.
11. A recommendation from a Brandeis faculty member will only be required for specific programs.  In this case, in the online application you can email a request for a Brandeis faculty member to fill out a recommendation form.  However, since this email is automatically generated through the on-line system, we suggest that you first personally contact your recommender and inform them that they will receive the email request from the Office of Study Abroad.

If you have already requested a letter from a professor, your professor can simply paste that letter into our online recommendation form.  Alternatively, you may have them submit it to our office via Campus Mail or through an email attachment to

For tips on requesting a recommendation, please see this Handout.