Teaching & Learning



The Practicality and Efficiency of Web-Based Placement Testing for College-Level Programs
By Elizabeth B. Bernhardt, Raymond J. Rivera and Michael L. Kamil — Stanford University (2004)


Outcomes Assessment for Beginning and Intermediate Spanish: One Program’s Process and Results
By Tony Houston — Saint Louis University (2005)


"The Keys to the Classroom"
"The Skillful Teacher: Building Your Teaching Skills"
"Modern & Contemporary France"
"Literature in Language Education"
"Recipes for Success in Foreign Language Teaching"
French books from Routledge

Learning Disabilities

Language Learning Disabilities: The Ultimate Foreign Language Challenge
By Sharon M. Difino and Linda J. Lombardino — University of Florida (2004)

Selected References on Foreign Language Learning in Relation to At-Risk Students and Students with Foreign Language Learning Problems
By Richard L. Sparks and Leonore Ganschow — (2001)

Teaching Foreign Languages to Students with Learning Differences
By Linda Hecker — Landmark College Institute for Research and Training (2006)

Curriculum Planning

Spanish: The Foreign National Language
By Carol J. Alonso — (2007)

Teaching & Learning Strategies

"A Study of Spanish II High School Students' Discourse During Group Work"
By David C. Alley — Georgia Southern University

Behaviors and Attitudes of Effective Foreign Language Teachers: Results of a Questionnaire Study
By Teresa Bell — University of Oklahoma (2005)

Improving Proficiency, Building Community: A Wiki Case Study
By Kasumi Kato — University of Wisconsin-Whitewater and Lauren Rosen — University of Wisconsin (2007)

How to Get a Student’s Ear? Try Podcasting
By Joseph Magedanz, Department of Languages — University of Redlands (2007)

Cultures and Comparisons: Strategies for Learners
By Sandra J. Savignon — The Pennsylvania State University and Pavel V. Sysoyev — Tambov State University (2005)

Utilizing Undergraduate Peer Teaching Assistants in a Speaking Program in Spanish as a Foreign Language
By Silvia Rodriguez-Sabater — College of Charleston (2005)

An Interactive Reading Journal for All Levels of the Foreign Language Curriculum
By Jennifer Redmann — Kalamazoo College (2005) 

Improving Speaking Skills through Instruction in Oral Classroom Participation
By Wenli Tsou — National University of Tainan (2005)

Literary Texts and Grammar Instruction: Revisiting the Inductive Presentation
By Kate Paesani — Wayne State University (2005) 

Full-Scale Theater Production and Foreign Language Learning
By Colleen Ryan-Scheutz and Laura M. Colangelo — University of Notre Dame (2004) 

Dear YANA” Teachers Corner: Classroom Solutions
National Capital Language Resource Center (nclrc.org)

Getting Students to Talk in the Target Language
Feature Article — September 2007, National Capital Language Resource Center (nclrc.org)

Are There Any Questions?
By Barry Croom — North Carolina State University (2004)