Attending the Global Youth Summit will open your eyes to a new world of possibilities — you will be joining a group of elite student leaders from around the world to explore emerging issues and develop your leadership through experiences like no other. You will network and connect with both distinguished medical professionals and high-achieving peers and medical students. You will also both explore the different career opportunities available within the medical field and the historic city of Boston. By the end of the Summit, you will develop skills necessary for a career in medicine and gain access to a wide network of Summit alums!

You will have the opportunity to...

GYS delegates stand at a microphone to ask questions of a speaker

GYS delegates ask questions of a speaker

Connect and network with nationally recognized physicians and medical professionals.

All speakers invited to the Summit are at the cutting edge of medical research and are selected to reflect contemporary medical trends and interests of delegates. You will have the chance to interact with these speakers as well as with medical professionals at the various medical institutions in the Boston area that you will visit.

Two GYS delegates stand at the podium presenting in front of their poster

GYS delegates present at the S21 Symposium

Hone your networking and public speaking skills through group reports and speaker introductions.

At the S21 symposium you will have the opportunity to present your week of research to an auditorium of your peers and to a panel of medical professionals. Throughout the week you will have the chance to introduce and thank speakers for their visit, all of which will sharpen your public speaking abilities.

A doctor instructs a student about how to use a piece of equipment

Delegates learn in the Simulation Lab at Lahey

Explore the many aspects of careers in science and medicine to get the inside story.

You will learn from both medical professionals and elite medical students who understand the different paths in the medical field. You may find a new career path that you hope to pursue.

Three students in GYS T-shirts act excited during a scavenger hunt in Boston

Students having fun during the Boston Scavenger Hunt

Draw on these professional and personal resources for future opportunities.

You will make life-long relationships with both your peers and faculty mentors. You will be able to access an extensive Summit alumni network and use your experiences here to inform future professional opportunities.

Map of the home countries of delegates to date

Map of the home countries of delegates to date

Learn from the different perspectives of student peers from around the world.

The Summit is committed to recruiting a diverse population of delegates, with representation from over 30 states, and from countries across the world. Each year, approximately 20% of our delegates are international students. In 2016, the Summit saw applicants from over 40 countries. The field of medicine is an increasingly global one, with cutting-edge medical thinkers around the world, and you will be able to experience global perspectives by interacting with international students and hearing their insights.

GYS Delegates in GYS t-shirts pose for the camera

Delegates explore the sites of Boston

Experience the excitement of Boston.

Through site visits, an oceanside breakfast at the New England Aquarium, a citywide scavenger hunt, and dinner out at Faneuil Hall, you will become better acquainted with Boston and its unique culture.

The Village dorm at Brandeis
Prepare for college by living and learning in a campus community.

You will delve into stimulating scientific concepts in a college classroom during an evening of "Doc Talks" with top Brandeis faculty. You will live in college residence halls alongside your peers. You will learn how to work closely with them in an intellectually challenging environment.