The National Board

The National Board for Women’s and Gender Studies at Brandeis University was created in 1992 for the purposes of providing the program with guidance, financial support, and assistance with community relations. Its eighteen members, appointed by the President of the University, include friends and alumni from various regions and representing many spheres of accomplishment. The Board meets three times each year; it is chaired by Susan Sternblitz Winokur. 

The WGS Board has been extremely successful in raising funds to initiate new projects within the Women’s and Gender Studies Program.  It helped to launch the graduate program by providing scholarship funds.  It has established numerous prizes, funds special courses on topics from women and health to women in Islam, supports our Eleanor Roosevelt and Distinguished Faculty lecture series and a range of events each year, and recently completed a special fund drive to create an Assistant Professorship in Women's and Gender Studies.  In short, the National Board for Women’s and Gender Studies at Brandeis is responsible in large part for creating the conditions in which the Women’s and Gender Studies Program can thrive.