No longer being offered

Phoebe and Dr. Donald Giddon Grant for Research on Women and Health

This grant, established by Phoebe Giddon '56 and Dr. Donald Giddon, is awarded to the undergraduate or graduate project deemed best able to contribute new knowledge or understanding to a topic concerning women and health.

Award Recipent and Topic

2015-2016: Cowinners
Rebecca Groner
"Studying Risk Factors Among Young Women Smokers Living in Chile"

Ngobitak Ndiwane
"Empowerment through Reproductive and Sexual Health Education in Hagley Gap, Jamaica"

2014-15: Jax Gonzalez
"Health Education and Menstruation: What's Happening in the Classroom?

2013-2014: Cowinners
Susannah Feinstein
"The Fall and Rise of Midwifery"

Caty Taborda
"Transgender Healthcare and the Construction of Expertise"

2012-2013: Sarah van Buren
“Evaluating A Mobile-Device-Based Intervention To Improve Maternal Health in Achham, Nepal”

2011-2012: Diana Wang
“Dysregulation of Inflammation: A Possible Pathway to Age-Related Health Declines in Post-Menopausal Women”

2010-2011: Ken Sun
“Managing the Aging Body- A Case of Taiwanese Immigrant Women and Their Return Counterparts”

2009-2010: Khitam Abu Hamad
"Determinants of Contraceptive Use and the Impact of Maternal and Child Health Service Utilization on Subsequent Use of Contraceptives in the Gaza Strip"

2008-2009: Miranda Waggoner

"The Emergence of Preconception Care: The Social Meaning of Changing Public Health Approaches to Women and Maternity"

2007-2008: Marianne McPherson
"Adolescent Medicine Physicians as Reproductive Health Advocates”