Deadline for Applications:

January 25, 2019

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Grant for Graduate Research

This grant was established in 1986 by the Sagan Family to recognize an outstanding research project in the field of Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies. All Brandeis graduate students in any program are eligible to apply.

Award Recipients and Topics

2016-2017: Natalie Cornett
Ph.D. History
"Empowering Women Through Love and Letters: Narcyza Zmichowska and the Enthusiasts of Nineteenth-Century Poland"

2014-2015: Cassandra Berman
Ph.D. History/Joint MA WGS & History
"Motherhood, the Law, and the Court of Public Opinion: Contesting Maternity in America, 1776-1865"

2013-2014: Celene Lizzio
Ph.D. Near Eastern and Judaic Studies/Joint MA NEJS & History
"Gender and Islamic Medicine in America"

2012-2013: Amy Hanes
Ph.D. Anthropology
"Matriarchal African Elephants and the Teachers Teaching us to Love Them: Knowledge and Knowing in American and Cameroonian Conservation Education"

2011-2012: Amanda Gengler
Ph.D. Sociology
"When Mom isn't Enough: How Preterm Infants' Independence on Medical Technologies Shape Women's Experiences of Motherhood"

2010-2011: Sara Wooten
Ph.D. Sociology
"Invisible Trauma: Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Student Experiences of Rape and Sexual Assault and the Response of the University Law Enforcement and Mental Health Agencies"

2009-2010: Jessica Hardin
Ph.D. Anthropology
“Agentive Fasting: Food Practices, Christianities and Samoans in California”

2008-2009: Ken Sun
Ph.D. Sociology
“Mothering and Transnational Kinship Networks:
Comparing Parents-Present and Parents-Absent Taiwanese American Families.”

2007-2008: Nurzhan Mamazhunusova
M.A. Anthropology & Women’s and Gender Studies
“Harm or Harmony? Reactions to the State Project of National Identity Formation in Kyrgyzstan”

2006-2007: Jema Turk
Ph.D. Candidate Heller; M.A. 2006 Social Policy & Women’s and Gender Studies
“The Division of Household Labor Among Dual-Earner Couples: How an Egalitarian Division Distinguishes Couples”

2005-2006: Kerrin Wood
Ph.D. Candidate Near Eastern and Judaic Studies
"Ephemeral Enjoyment/Permanent Prohibition: Polemics Surrounding Temporary Marriage (Mut'a) in Shi'a and Sunni Islam"

2004-2005: Keridwen Luis    
Ph.D. Candidate Anthropology; M.A. 2000 Anthropology & Women's Studies
"Ourlands: The Creation of Culture and Gender in Women's Intentional Communities in the United States"

2003-2004: Jacqueline Horne
Ph.D. 2005 English and American Literature    
"Moral Adventures: Robinsonnades, Settler Narratives, and Historical Fiction for Children 1790-1852"

2002-2003: Sara Withers
Ph.D. Candidate Anthropology; M.A. 2002 Anthropology & Women’s Studies    
"The Negotiation of Gendered Roles Within Dual-Career Families: A Comparative Study in Oaxaca, Mexico"

2001-2002: Eunyoung Choi    

Ph.D. 2003 Social Policy
"The Effects of Part-time Work Schedules on Wages and Job Satisfaction in South Korea"

2000-2001: Jessica Davidson    

Ph.D. 2005 Comparative History
"Women, Fascism and Progress in Franco's Spain: The Seccion Femenina, 1934-1977"

2000-2001: Elisabeth Ellington
Ph.D. 2003 English and American Literature    
"Frances Sheridan: A Critical Biography"

1999-2000: Fauzia Ahmed    
Ph.D. 2003 Social Policy
"Gender and Social Change: Low-Income Men as Stakeholders in the Women's Movement in Rural Bangladesh"

1998-1999: Cara Delay
Ph.D. 2002 Comparative History; M.A. 1999 Comparative History    
"Layered Beliefs: Women, Popular Catholicism and Folk Culture in Rural Ireland 1850-1916"

1997-1998: Susan Thomas    
Ph.D. 2002 Music; M.A. 2001 Music & Women’s Studies
"Race and Gender in the Cuban Zurzuela"

1997-1998: Amy Carol Agigian

Ph.D. 1998 Sociology; M.A. 1993 Sociology
"Controversial Conceptions: Lesbian Artificial Insemination"

1997-1998: Jean Elson
Ph.D. 2000 Sociology; M.A. 1996 Sociology & Women’s Studies
"'Am I Still a Woman?': A Sociological Analysis of Hysterectomy and Oophorectomy Experiences"

1996-1997: Eliyana Adler

Ph.D. 2002 Near Eastern and Judaic Studies; M.A. 1995 Near Eastern and Judaic Studies & Women’s Studies    
"The Education of Jewish Girls in the Nineteenth Century Tsarist Empire"

1995-1996: Cameron McDonald    
"Working Mothers and Mother-workers: Nannies, Au Pairs, and the Social Construction of Mothering"

1994-1995: Jennifer Travis    
Ph.D. 1996 English and American Literature; M.A. 1994 English and American Literature & Women’s Studies
"Emotional Distress: Literary and Cultural Configurations of Pain"

1993-1994: Laurie Katherine Blunsom

Ph.D. 1999 Music; M.A. 1995 Music & Women’s Studies
"Songs and the  Professional Woman Composer, 1870-1920"

1992-1993: Rosemarie Garland-Thomson    
Ph.D. 1992 English and American Literature
"Aberrant Bodies, Physical Disability and American Literature and Culture"

1991-1992: Seung-Sook Moon    
Ph.D. 1994 Sociology
"National Development and Sexual Politics in South Korea, 1963-1992"