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Chris Lerman Prize for Essays on Extraordinary Women

This annual prize was established in 1995 by Jeanette Lerman-Neubauer '69 to honor her mother Chris Lerman, a holocaust survivor, national leader on issues pertaining to Israel and the Holocaust, and devoted wife and mother. In the words of Jeanette, Chris was “an extraordinary woman who measured her achievement in terms of nurturing those she loved, making it possible for them to dream big and work ferociously to achieve their dreams.”  
The prize was created to promote scholarship about extraordinary, though not necessarily notable or well-known women. The Chris Lerman Prize recognizes that women have expressed their wisdom, talents, vision and courage in a variety of ways.

Award Recipents and Topics

2017-18: Yael Jaffe
“Shuley, Shulie, Shulamith: The Evolution of Shulamith Firestone”

2015-2016: Margot Kotler
Paper: "Virginia Woolf's anti-Bildungsromane: From Feminist Critique to Queer Temporality”

2014-2015: Casey Clevenger
Paper: "Women with Hearts As Wide as the World: Gender, Race, and Inequality in Women’s Transnational Religious Organizations”

2013-2014: Cassandra Berman
Paper: “‘WEEP for such unfortunate mothers!’: Motherhood and the Anti-Shaker Narratives of Eunice Hawley Chapman and Mary Marshall Dyer.” 

2012-2013: Co-winners
Marisa Turesky
Paper: "Who Drives the Tractor: How Technology Influences Women's Farms in the Netherlands"

Arianne Johnson
Paper: "Voices From Within the Convent Walls: The Musical Culture of a Nun in Early Modern Milan"

2011-12: Jessamine Beal
Paper: "Triply Bound:  Race, Gender, and the Disappearing Queernes of Barbara Jordan"

2010-11: Amy Easton Flake
Paper:  “Novel as Pulpit:  Harriet Beecher Stowe’s Multi-Faceted Answer to the Woman Question”

2009-10: Simone Diender
Paper: “From Consumer Front to Home Front: Ruth Brindze's Kitchen Table Advice for the Consumer Citizen, 1935-1945”

2008-09: Clara Altman
Paper: “All of these Rights: Equality, Free Speech, and the Feminist Anti-Pornography Movement, 1976-1986.”

2007-08: Emily Kadar 
Paper: "The Radical Veteran: Ella Baker and Grassroots Organizations in the Civil Right's Movement"

2006-07: Jillian Dickert
Paper: "Building Inclusive Security: Asha Hagi Elmi and the Somalia Peace Process"

2005-06: Shaina Kovalsky
Paper: an excerpt from "Holocaust Testimony into Narrative: A Family History"

2004-05: Holly Jackson
Paper: "The Misidentification of Emma Dunham Kelley: African American Canon Formation and the Problems of Reading Race"

2003-04: Dorian Block
Paper: "Finding Hospice: Florence Schorske Wald"

2001-02: Katherine Martineau
Paper: "Subhadra's Dance: Gender and Resistance in India"

2000-01: Glenn Dynner
Paper: "Temerel Sonnenberg-Bergson, Patroness of Polish Hasidism"

1999-2000: Devika Mahadevan
Paper: "Empowering Women: Empowering Communities"

1998-99: Cara Delay
Paper: "The Death and Life of Bridget Cleary"

1997-98: Felicia Herman
Paper: "Priestess to Themselves and Others: The Sisterhood of Personal Service, 1887-1936"

1996-97: Heather Reta
Paper: "Mothers and Children Receiving Welfare"

1995-96: Marjorie Feld
Paper: "The Mutuality of Society: The Life and Work of Lillian D. Wald, 1893-1919"