School of Arts and Sciences Cocurricular Fund


Awards from the School of Arts and Sciences Cocurricular Fund are available to faculty members, program chairs and department chairs to support student-centered programs inside and outside the classroom that enhance and expand educational activities for undergraduate students and/or offer opportunities for meaningful faculty-student interactions. Such programs and events might include guest lecturers, field trips, attendance at cultural events and artistic performances. Some of the funds are provided by the Class of 1961 Annual Lecture Endowment Fund. 

Application Process

Proposal for cocurricular funds should be clear and well-written and must be approved by the appropriate department chair or program director. To apply, please complete and submit the form below. As part of your application, you will be asked to submit no more than a one-page description of your proposed activity and its educational value and impact, in addition to an itemized budget (including matching fund, if available).


For 2021-22, applications for funding are due by August 25, 2021, March 1, 2022, and July 15, 2022. Retroactive applications will not be considered.

Review and Award Process

The dean of the School of Arts and Sciences administers the fund, in consultation with the division heads and the senior associate dean for undergraduate education.

Requests will be evaluated based on the following three criteria:

  1. The activity’s educational value.
  2. The number of students who will benefit.
  3. The amount of prior funding received by faculty member or program/department (to ensure breadth of distribution).

Budget Guidelines

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