From the President

I am pleased to introduce you to the Brandeis University brand narrative and visual identity system. This project is the result of a rigorous year-long development process that included conversations with many members of our campus community, as well as research among alumni and prospective students. The results, which are presented on this website, will help ensure that Brandeis can be most effective in gaining recognition and enhancing the reputation of our unique institution.

The communications environment for higher education has changed dramatically from past eras. If colleges and universities are not mindful of those changes, and if we do not communicate with our constituents in more professional and purposeful ways, we risk diminishing our voice — and ultimately our impact — as an influential leader in the public arena.

Today, our reach must be global in order to build meaningful partnerships. As we seek to invite the most highly qualified prospective students, faculty, and staff members to join our university, it is imperative that we communicate in a confident and consistent manner.

It is vital that all Brandeis University faculty and staff adhere to the guidelines on this site. I am counting on each of you to do so as you conduct your outreach. The more thoroughly all of us follow the guidelines, the greater Brandeis’ reach and impact will be.

Please contact the Brandeis Office of Communications, Marketing and External Relations with any questions. That office is the sole and final arbiter of questions and decisions arising out of the brand narrative or visual identity system.

Thank you for your interest in this important project, and your cooperation with its implementation.


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Ron Liebowitz