Grace Han

Grace Han, Brandeis ChemistryAssistant Professor of Chemistry
Landsman Career Development Chair in the Sciences

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Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Postdoc
Massachusetts Institute of Technology, PhD
POSTECH, Pohang, South Korea, BS


Grace Han research imageResearch in our group focuses on developing a wide range of versatile and unique optically controlled molecular switches for energy conversion/storage and optoelectronic applications. Photo-switchable molecular systems are triggered by absorbing light and rapidly respond via structural change that provides control over a broad array of properties in diverse organic and inorganic systems. These reversible switches allow for the repeatable operation of energy harvesting schemes on a large scale as well as the discrete on/off modulation of nanoscale devices via their structural and electrical changes at the molecular level. The organic switches provide such opportunities across different length scales due to the ease of the molecular level design and prediction of collective properties in the bulk.

In our group, we will investigate the integration of the structural design of tailored photo-switches with the fabrication of solid-state devices ranging from large-scale thermal batteries and de-icing films to nanoscale electronic devices. We predict that novel photo-switches will have transformative impact in thermal energy storage, solar energy conversion, and molecular electronics and optoelectronics.

Selected Publications

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