Fall 2012 Grant Recipients

These grants have been awarded to student- and/or faculty/staff-initiated projects that address issues of identity, pluralism and unity.

Activism2Organizing Workshop
Recipients: Jacklyn Gil and Carlton Shakes
Students for a Democratic Society and MLK & Friends Club
Students for A Democratic Society and MLK & Friends Club would like to provide the large cross-section of Brandeis activism clubs with an opportunity to expand their perspective and skill set to channel activism energy into organized action aimed at social change.  Core aspects of the workshop include learning about understanding and respecting the narrative of others  and tactics to promote this dialogue as a necessary component of social change. The workshop is run by Camilo Viveiros, who has 25 years of experience organizing around multi-ethnic and multi-racial economic justice issues.

B'Yachad Lanetzach
Recipient: Micky Waks
A night full of dance, music, and food celebrating the diversity within Israeli culture.

Common Grounds: Exploring Black and Jewish Relations
Recipients: Jhanezia Stevens and Madeleine Crilly
Brandeis Hillel Group & BBSO
In collaboration with Brandeis' Hillel group, BBSO has planned a forum on Black and Jewish relations. The two groups have such a rich and powerful history which has been underexamined on campus in recent years. For this event, we will bring in two studied scholars (one Black and one Jewish) with great knowledge of both ethnic groups and how they have intersected throughout history. In addition to hearing from these two speakers there will be a facilitated safe space for cross cultural conversation.

Intercultural Center Representatives Leadership Program
Recipients: Jung Park and Vicky Lee
ICC Representatives Program
The ICC Rep Program provides a platform for ICC reps to learn the ropes on leading their respective clubs in the future. As seen by our recent success, many go on to become presidents of their organizations. By providing a unique and engaging activity, we are hoping that these ICC reps will learn more about each other and how they can work together to promote diversity on campus.

Make Your Own Kimbap & Pepero
Recipients: Judy Nam and Jung Yoon Kim
Brandeis Korean Student Association
Experience the best part of Korean culture with BKSA: food! Come and make your own kimbap and pepero for FREE. We are celebrating Pepero Day (Nov. 11), which resembles Valentine's Day. Pepero is a popular snack in Korea and it is a cookie stick dipped in chocolate syrup. You can also make some kimbap (literally "seaweed rice" in Korean)! Kimbap is a great snack or light meal, and its variety of recipes and ingredients is the perfect example of how the Brandeis community is also a mix of many culture. COME AND ENJOY!

Recipients: Mehraj Awal and Neelanjana Gupta

Brandeis South Asian Students Association
Mela, the flagship event of the South Asian Students’ Association, has always been representative of the inherent talent, vivacity, and insurmountable passion that encompass the eight nations of Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Bhutan, India, Maldives, Nepal, Pakistan, and Sri Lanka. The significance of ‘Mela’ in the classical literary language of Sanskrit means celebration in a gathering of people. Mela aims at exploring the unique and diverse cultures of South Asia, and more so, spreading the message amongst all students. For each one of us, Mela takes a new meaning, whether it is a connection to our heritages, the strengthening of friendships, the collaboration of unique ideas, or the unity within the club.

Pan Asian Food Night
Recipient: Tiffany Belz
Brandeis Asian American Student Association
BAASA's annual tradition, Pan Asian Food Night, brings together Asian clubs on campus to celebrate our cultures and identities through what we know best: food! Each club prepares dishes which represent their culture so that the entire Brandeis community can sample a variety of unique cuisines. Participating clubs are SEAC, KSA, JSA, BC3, TSA, and SASA.

Pragmatic Pacifism: Proactive, Practical Peacemaking
Recipients: Adam Lavender and Gordie Fellman
Brandeis Asian American Student Association
Rev. Wayne Lavender, Ph.D , Executive Director of the Foundation 4 Orphans discusses his peacemaking work that has taken him to post-conflict Mozambique and Kurdistan Iraq to foster peace between communities and religions. Rev. Lavender has a vision of the world's religions and nations coming together in peace, while using practical methods to build love across cultural and religious boundaries.

Thank Who? Stuff Your Turkey with Justice: Reflections on the Meaning and Mythology of Thanksgiving 
Recipient: Hayim Dar
The event will be an entertaining, thought-provoking, sometimes confrontational exploration of our relationships with Native America, using the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday as a case study and point of reference through which to approach our discussion. The night will include Arawak song, a multimedia presentation, dialogue and opportunities for small group discussion. We will engage with the meanings and mythology of Thanksgiving, and our exposure to Native (his)stories and communities, and representations of these same, within our daily lives.

The Asian American Movement
Recipients: Yuan Duan and Ruizhi Jiang
Our project is to bring the film and the producers of “Uploaded: The Asian American Movement” to Brandeis campus for a screening event. The film Uploaded is a documentary about the increasing involvement of Asian Americans in the modern-day social media channels such as YouTube. The film explores the transformation and struggles of the presence of Asian American Celebrities in their respective industries.  Our event will include the screening of “Uploaded”, speeches given by some of the Asian American celebrities included in the film and a panel to discuss Asian American cultural identity and their involvement in pop culture.

Tran*Awareness Week
Recipients: Sara Brande and Robyn Lederer
Trans* Awareness Week is TransBrandeis' 2nd annual week of programming to promote awareness of Transgender and GenderQueer identities. During this week, events will be held to advance education on this issue and to remember our collective past, as well as social events and community building.

Triskelion's Annual Halloween Dance: Queerpocalypse
Recipients: Halee Brown and Jennifer Lee
Triskelion and WOCA
Triskelion and WOCA [the LGBT/Queer club and the Women of Color Alliance] are co-sponsoring the annual Halloween Dance this year. We are working together to build a joint community and encourage collaboration between groups on campus. The joint efforts of Trisk and WOCA will bring a new element to this event, ideally drawing in a more universal constituency of the Brandeis campus.