Earn Your Master's in Strategic Analytics

The Master's in Strategic Analytics is currently under review and will not be accepting applications for 2023-24. We recommend exploring our new online Master's in Business Analytics (MSBA).

Making data make sense

These days, data is the currency of success. But the real value comes from meaningful interpretation. That's why demand is soaring for experts in the art and science of data analytics.

Analytics is disrupting industries and reshaping how we live our lives. Open new professional doors with an online master's in Strategic Analytics from Brandeis GPS. Leading data analysts will demonstrate how to transform data into actionable insights that solve problems, improve decision making and tell powerful stories.

Explore the technology and techniques behind Big Data, machine learning, AI and other game changers as you learn to:

  • Detect patterns and trends in data.
  • Make accurate forecasts.
  • Interpret and communicate results to different stakeholders.
  • Identify problems data can solve in your organization.
  • Make persuasive cases backed by evidence.

You'll benefit from small classes with other working professionals from a wide variety of backgrounds, including business, professional sports, nonprofits, government, life sciences and manufacturing.

Here's the biggest win: You can immediately apply what you learn to your work and demonstrate your new analytics proficiency.

This program has received official STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) designations.

Courses and Requirements

Part-time | Fully online | Financially accessible

Your 30-credit Strategic Analytics MS program includes required courses in fundamentals such as data visualization, business intelligence, machine learning and data science. Electives allow you to round out your skillset by delving deeper into areas of interest, including digital marketing, governance and data security.

The Strategic Analytics Industry

Turn insights into action

Across the globe, institutions are collecting unprecedented amounts of data. They are in dire need of skilled specialists who can recognize and unlock its extraordinary value. You'll find opportunities to thrive as an expert in data collection, management and analysis in the public and private sector as well as within your current organization.