Brandeis Graduate Professional Studies

Alumni Spotlight: Han Ngo

May 4, 2023

Headshot of Han Ngo.

Meet Han Ngo ’22

Boston, MA

Sr. Project Manager, Lab and Sample Management at Rhythm Pharmaceuticals

MS in Project and Program Management

In her free time, Han likes to eat at new restaurants and try different types of food, hike, and go on road trips.

Get to know Han!

Why did you decide to pursue a master’s degree?

I decided to pursue a master’s degree to learn more about the business world and operations within an organization. In my work experience, we are continually collaborating and working cross functionally.

What was your most valued experience at GPS?

My most valued experiences were the interactions and collaborative work I did with other students. I learned about my own leadership skills, which has helped me to identify my strengths and assist others with successfully completing projects.

How has your GPS degree prepared you for life after graduation?

The degree helped me unravel a multitude of layers in project and program management. I have gained an understanding of others’ perspectives, which has helped us successfully work together. I’ve learned how to build a structural foundation to maximize the prospect of successes, and how to reach milestones in the most effective way possible.

What strategies did you find helpful as you balanced responsibilities in work, school, and life?

Outside of my support system, scheduling was the most helpful approach for balancing work, school, and my personal life. Creating a strict schedule created boundaries with work and helped me to separate priorities between work and school.

What advice would you give to prospective students?

Make the best use of your interactions with your classmates. The courses are small enough that you will know the other students throughout your time in the program. The discussions and group projects help with expanding your approach to different methodologies in the workplace — take advantage of them!

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