RDMD 102

Digital Marketing Strategy

The digital marketing strategy course is set up as a strategic and practical guide to diagnosing marketing gaps and opportunities for organizations from high-growth B2B technology and SaaS companies to budding consumer brands. The course is designed to teach the fundamentals of Marketing the Future — the new ways brands connect with their customers and make a ripple in their markets — marketing based on trust, authority (expertise + reputation) and consistency. Included in the foundational topics covered in this class are the three stages of marketing: Marketing of the Past, or the “Mad Men” era; Marketing of the Present (1980 to 2000), or the Infomercial era; Marketing of the Future (2000+), or the “Agile/Always in beta” era. In addition, this course will look at the principles of paid, owned, and earned as converged digital marketing, and the role of expertise and authority for community recognition, engagement and following. The practical aspects of the course — covered in Weeks 6-9 — will entail diagnosing , within groups of 3/4 students, a company of choice across 5 key marketing areas:

  1. Positioning and messaging (via specific website and competitive analysis framework)
  2. Diagnosis of paid and earned opportunities within search and social platforms
  3. Understanding and assessment of market buzz
  4. Identification of popular domain themes and topics
  5. Prioritization of marketing channels

This course is intended as a comprehensive digital marketing primer — equipping students with the core skills to be successful in joining a marketing team and making an impact at the strategy or specific divisional level.

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