RIAS 140

Cloud Security

Cloud computing is ubiquitous. Understanding Cloud and adding value in the migration, implementation, auditing and management of Cloud solutions and service models is the frontier of today’s security leader. Increasingly our role is demanding advisory guidance and insight to groups such as Legal, Procurement, and Senior Executives. Being conversant in SaaS, PaaS, IaaS is no longer an option but is now a requirement, and integrating Cloud knowledge into a security program and security leadership will demand a multifaceted understanding of the technical, the managerial, and the business objectives. The focus of this course is to provide insight into:

  • Cloud definitions and service models
  • Cloud risk assessment and auditing
  • Cloud security and controls
  • Data governance and management
  • Cloud contract management and managed service provider management
  • Legal and regulatory considerations

Our goal is a comprehensive view on Cloud that will enable the security leader to become fluent in assessing, negotiating, managing, controlling and reporting upon Cloud value and Cloud data protection in their organization.

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