Adjunct Faculty: Cognitive and Social Psychology of User-Centered Design

Brandeis University's Graduate Professional Studies (GPS) is looking for an industry leader to teach in our Master of Science in User-Centered Design program. Brandeis University is consistently ranked among the nation’s top universities, and our online courses are developed using best practices in online learning. Information about Brandeis University and Graduate Professional Studies can be found online.

About the Position and Course

RUCD 120: Cognitive and Social Psychology of User-Centered Design

This course will examine the psychological and social aspects that impact human interface interaction in both physical and virtual environments. Topics will include Signal Detection Theory, Gestalt Theory, Cognitive Load Theory, and various motivational theories, as well as the cultural and social implications of design.

Qualified candidates will have Subject Matter Qualifications in the following areas:

About the Master of Science in User-Centered Design

The 100% online curriculum is carefully designed to strike a balance of theory and practice in applying psychological principles and user research to create useful, delightful, and innovative user experiences. Explore the latest design and development processes as you build the management and collaboration skills essential for effective UX leadership.

All GPS Masters courses are 10-weeks long and taught asynchronously in the online learning environment with no set days or times for interaction.

About GPS Faculty

GPS Faculty instructors are active practitioners in the industries that align with our programs and have the professional expertise to bring to course discussions and threads. Instructors are part time and work fully online, with no requirement to appear on campus. Our faculty have earned at least a master's degree with many holding terminal academic degrees and industry-specific credentials. Previous experience teaching online is not required; GPS offers a comprehensive training program for qualified applicants.