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Wellness Programmers' Favorite Winter Recipes

by the Wellness Programmers

Cooking can be a great stress reliever, not to mention an excuse to get together with friends or family. Please enjoy this list of Wellness Programmers' favorite winter recipes to bring warmth and comfort. 

Favorite Winter Recipes

Slow cooked, savory, incredibly satisfying. It's vegan except for the yogurt (which I usually leave out anyway). Some notes on the British recipe: 1) I don't know what red Kashmiri chilli powder is exactly but you can use paprika or ordinary chilli powder. 2) Caster sugar is just white granulated sugar. 3) the oven temp in Farenheit is 300. Finally, it looks like a lot of olive oil, and it is, so you might want to include some bread to sop up the last bits. I am a freak for Ottolenghi recipes (and he is a Brandeis honorary degree recipient by the way) so if you would like more recommendations, let me know!

-Ingrid Schorr, Arts Engagement

Thai Curry is the perfect comfort food. It is extremely easy to make (all using one pot!) and keeps very well so you can enjoy it for days (or even freeze it)! You can also add any protein you like, if you prefer something other than tempeh/tofu. I've never met anyone who doesn't like this dish - it's my "go-to" dish when I'm trying to impress :)

-Rachael Elliott, International Students and Scholars Office

This easy and warming soup is full of flavor and a fusion of Thai and Mexican flavors. This is one of the first recipes I make each year when it gets cold!

-Lara Ericson, Center for Spiritual Life

The official state cookie of my home state, New Mexico! This is the perfect cookie for cold weather-- sweet and spicy. I sub crisco in for lard which is controversial in NM, but makes the cookies vegetarian friendly.

-Sarah J. Berg, Prevention, Advocacy, and Resource Center

One of the coziest treats for the winter season. My mom used to make this on chilly days and serve it as a morning or late night snack.

-Vilma Uribe, Prevention, Advocacy, and Resource Center

Image of rugelach cookies

Photo Credit: "arugula rugelach" by Tim Pierce is licensed under CC BY 2.0

I LOVE to bake, and Rugelach reminds me of my childhood. This if a fun challenge where you get to make your own dough from scratch and personalize it by adding your favorite fillings - chocolate chips, apricot jam, golden raisins, and pecans are my go to!

-Colby Sim, Department of Community Service