Stan Davis, P’83, who turned 80 in November, reports he’s been happily married for 38 years, and has a blended family of five adult children and 10 grandkids ranging in age from 8 to 23. He has taught at Harvard for 26 years, 11 of them on the faculty at Harvard Business School and 15 at the Harvard Institute for Learning in Retirement. After writing 15 books during his professional career, he has shifted to writing short stories, poetry, essays and memoir. Over 30 years, he’s also created 87 large, complex pieces of needlepoint. He manages Parkinson’s, diabetes, atrial fib and hearing loss, and uses a cane and hearing aids. “Bette Davis was right,” Stan writes. “Old age is not for sissies.” Linda Fenton’s Elizabeth I coins are among the pieces included in the exhibition “Money of Empire: Elizabeth to Elizabeth,” at the Money Museum in Colorado Springs, Colorado. Phyllis Richman, who is retired from writing restaurant reviews for The Washington Post, is in senior independent living, which she compares to living on a college campus. “We are an activist group,” she writes, “marching, rallying and demonstrating (motto: Make Americans Friends Again).” Merle Glee Snyder celebrated her 80th birthday with sons Reuben and Jonathan, and grandchildren Isaiah and Orli.
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