Ellen Cohen’s business, EBC Coaching & Consulting, helps lawyers and corporate executives enhance their productivity, build leadership skills and cultivate well-being. Stuart Grant established the Stuart and Suzanne Grant Center for the American Jewish Experience at Tulane University. This semester, Julie Harris is the Center for Spain in America Fellow at the Clark Institute. She is studying the illuminated Hebrew Bibles of medieval Iberia. Matt ’81 and Lisa (Berman) Hills live in Newton, Massachusetts. In 2019, Matt was appointed by Gov. Charlie Baker to the state’s Board of Elementary and Secondary Education. The couple has four children, one living in New York and three in Washington, D.C. In September, Teta Moehs and her husband, Bill, enjoyed a visit with Paula Peterson and her husband, Griff, in Washington, D.C. Highlights included a tour of the National Gallery of Art. Steven Pradell practices law in Anchorage, Alaska, his home for the past 33 years. “Survived a bunch of earthquakes,” he writes. “Saw Rabbi Jaime Klein Aklepi ’85 and her husband when they came up here on a cruise vacation. We had moose, foxes, muskrats, eagles and bears around our yard and lake last summer.” He enjoys his 12 grandchildren, who are scattered around the U.S.
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